The Mayor of Paris Replacing Gas Cars by 2030


Margaux Deveze, Reporter

Anne Hidalgo is the mayor of Paris. She wants to reduce the number of gas using cars.

Here is her plan:

Anne Hidalgo was already involved in fights against air pollution and now she wants to act. “This is to protect your health and fight against global warming,” Anne Hidalgo said. A lot of people are finding for excuses that she just wants to outrun the government that promised the same thing but by 2040.

“This is not true,”Anne Hidalgo replied. “I think that if by 2030 already one city in France have already electric cars and public transports it would encourage and show people that it is possible.”

Talking about public transports, here in Austin almost everyone uses a car to go everywhere but in France people use public transports more than anything or we walk. So their aren’t as much cars but there are still a lot and these could soon become electric thanks to the government. Because yes, the government will be helping anyone wanting an electric car.

This is one of the things promised by Anne Hidalgo. A lot of news say that she wants to BAN all gas using cars but the reality is that she wants to reduce their number and even maybe replace them all by clean cars. Anne Hidalgo also said that the people of Paris should take their own decision to by an electric car and that she doesn’t want to have to force anyone to do so.

Overall her plan is a good one and if it works it should be tried in other tows and countries. Is it that difficult to try to save the world and its people?