Will Robots Replace The Workforce?


A future robot worker.With credits to the website Brian D. Colwell

Keshav Laxminarasimhan, Reporter

Every day, technology is growing faster and faster. The fantasy of self-driving cars are soon becoming a reality, while robot food delivery services are becoming a thing. As more conveniences are available, some wonder when robots will take over our jobs. It’s not a fantasy, as already take up things that we do, and save us precious time. But with the possibility of robots doing it better than us, will they take over our jobs?

Not all jobs can be replaced, at least not yet, but some do have a higher chance than others. One possible idea is replacing pharmacists. Robots can do precise measurements and preform tasks very well. Along with that, they are overall cheaper to make than to hire people for shifts. Robots could easily do it faster than humans and don’t require breaks, unless they break, but even then they can be easily replaced.  Not having a real person to discuss issues could be a problem, but it would at least decrease the amount of people that have to be present.

Another job to be replaced is delivery services. There are already drones that are delivering things, so having a fully robotic  system could be a reality. With robots delivering instead of humans, there would be no human error with wrong shipments, and it could possibly make things faster. No shifts or jobs would make things easier for the employer by not having to take a salary for workers out of the earnings.  This system could easily be implemented in the next 10 years.

There are many other jobs that could be replaced by robots, but people are also concerned with what will happen to the people who need those jobs. Having robots replace jobs would leave many people without jobs, and with no money, this could severely affect the economy. While robots could help with many things, I would say that we should not replace humans with robots.

Even with robots, there are many errors that could happen. Glitches or bugs in the software could severely disrupt anything that was going on. If a robot messed up on a prescription, this could easily be a hazard. Also, there is a possibility that if someone hacks the entire system, they could take over everything. It’s not science fiction, so we must be wary about that.

In conclusion, I think robots could help with many things, but we should not replace the human workforce with robotic systems.