Airplane Crash in China

A plane crashed into a hillside in Southern China late March, killing everyone on board.

China Eastern Flight 5735 mysteriously crashed into a Chinese hillside on March 21, killing all 132 passengers and crew on board. The details of how and why are still being uncovered, and so far the true cause of the flight remains unknown.

What Happened?

Shortly after 1 pm, China Eastern Flight 5735 took off and headed for Guangzhou. Then, an hour and twenty minutes later, the plane suddenly dropped, plummeting over 20,000 feet in a minute. Flight control repeatedly tried to contact the airplane crew but failed to do so. Around 2:23, residents near the crash site reported hearing a boom as the plane crashed on a nearby hillside.

How did it happen?

The Chinese government has been suspiciously closed-mouthed with information regarding the plane crash, even tracking down families of the victims to prevent them from spreading any information. Evidence has been found including various debris, a black box from the cockpit, and the bodies of most passengers and crew. Yet the reason why the plane crashed is still unknown, at least to the outside world. The complicated and unbelievable factors in the plane’s crash led many to believe it may have been intentional, yet still, most insist conclusions cannot be drawn too early. The tragedy has been the deadliest air disaster in China since 1994, and the death toll of 132 is not soon to be forgotten.