The Young Elites Book Review

The Young Elites Book Review

Margaux Deveze, Reporter

Young Elites is one of the best books I have ever read. Its author Mary Lu has and her incredible way to write makes her book a quality choice.She is also the author of the famous sequels of Legend.

First because of the detailed scenes every scene with no exceptions were detailed. From the color of the walls to the angle of light the author made sure that we felt just as in the scene as the characters themselves. The story is about Adelina Amouteru a young girl with incredible powers. When a disease swept in her country many people were left with mysterious markings and some with incredible powers they are called the Young Elites. Adelina lost her mother to the blood fever and left her alone with her terrible father and her loving sister. The Inquisition Axis a royal organization wants to get rid of all marked people so-called Malfettos thinking they are dangerous. In the spare of one night Adelina’s life is going to change loss, fire, new magical powers, and a mysterious life saver will come to play.

From then she will live an extraordinary adventure discovering new powers she never knew she had that are slowly feeding her with darkness.  Young Elites is a sequel to 3 books The Young Elites, The Rose Society, and The Midnight Star. This book is one of a kind and its difference makes its beauty.

So next time you need a book ask the librarian for The Young Elites because YES they are all at our library!