Horse-Riding Unit (and therapy dogs)


Erith Won, Reporter

Starting next year, our school’s gym is having a horse-riding unit! We will be renting our horses from Spicewood Farms. The unit will last for about two months, and will start in early October.

“I cannot believe we haven’t thought of this before. This will be a great opportunity for the students and it may convince more students to join PE in 8th grade!” Coach Jacki Govea, Athletics teacher, said. Kids are reacting with excitement, their jaws dropping all the way to the ground.

We will have about 30 horses on the far field, and one will be on campus, with either the officer or one of the PE coaches. Not only will you get to learn how to ride the horses, you will also learn to take care of them(grooming, cleaning, scooping up poop, etc.). Yes, cleaning up poop will be one of the few downfalls of having a horse-riding unit, but it’s a package deal, so there’s no use grumbling about it! Another downfall is that the swimming unit will have to be shortened, but how often do you usually get to ride a horse? Almost never, so this will be a great opportunity! Of course, your parents will have to sign a sheet allowing you to ride the horses, but there is no fee at all. Depending on how well this works out, our school may have horses again for the following year.

Other news: According to the RRISD district policy, there must be at least 5 therapy dogs on campus. There was a lot of debating on whether or not this was a good idea, but the rule finally made it through. But because the dogs’ barking may be a distraction, the schools have received funding in order to build a soundproof room for the dogs to stay in. We already have one therapy dog, with Mrs. Fritch, and she is excited to have more dogs join hers.

“This is the greatest idea ever! These dogs will help with not only therapy, but getting schools to be happier.” Mrs. Kimberly Fritch, 8th grade Language Arts teacher, said.

And I agree with Mrs. Fritch. Having dogs and horses at school will definitely make our school a happier place(not like I’m implying that it isn’t happy already, of course)!