Beto, Democratic Candidate Raises Non-Organization Money

Beto, Democratic Candidate Raises Non-Organization Money

Keana Saberi, Reporter

Beto’ Rourke, a new democratic candidate recently raised a sum of nearly seven million dollars since the beginning of the year to mid-March, all without the help of PACS ( or political action committees) and his work is strictly based on the generosity of the Texan people. Even if you are of a different political party, O’ Rourke is a candidate who strives to work for the good of all Texans, if he is chosen to become the next Texas State Senate Representative.

One of his greatest and strongest issues he is ready to tackle is Higher education for the public.  He aims to increase funding for scholarships as well as a Federal loan program to help make education more affordable for Texas students. O’ Rourke wants to expand opportunities for Texan students to reach out beyond regular four-year colleges and increasing access to community colleges, trade schools, as well as nanodegrees.  He also hopes to let Texans who work in in-demand work environments and in underfilled work communities to be allowed a chance to graduate debt free from college.  As well as that, O’Rourke is attempting to demand affordable costs from universities and to help control price inflation for schools of higher learning by using the government’s position to reach for loans, grants, and research.

Beto O’ Rourke is campaigning all around Texas, taking time to have one on one discussions with citizens from Austin, his hometown of El Paso, Houston, and so on. So far he has been successful and he is still spreading his message on and so forth. There are multiple ways civilians can help to aid O’Rourke’s campaign such as canvassing, going to Town Hall meetings, or helping to organize meetings in different towns.

No matter what your political position is, O’ Rourke’s focus is to help the people who are getting him elected to become the Texas State Senate Representative.

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