Teenage Trends of 2017-2018

Teenage Trends of 2017-2018

Sharanya Karanam, Reporter

Ripped jeans

Cause showing our knees is cool.

NIKE slides

In 2050 we will all be like did we actually wear rubber around our feet for fashion.

White converse

Somehow white shoes just look good.

Thrasher Shirts

Even if we don’t know how to ride a skateboard we wear these anyway.

Old School Vans

Oldies be popping.


They don’t even hold your hair up as well as normal ties but oh well.

Lululemon leggings

Something about hundred dollar leggings is just worth it.

Lace-up tops

Why don’t we all just jump back in time to the 70’s?


My mom used to wear these and I said what are those. Now I ended up wearing them.

Adidas Superstars

they make a cute outfit 10 times cuter.

Off the Shoulder Tops

Again, We should just jump back in time.