Should You Use Piercing Guns?

Should You Use Piercing Guns?

A lot of poor misinformed souls have unfortunately used piercing guns to pierce their ears, nose, and other places (which is COMPLETELY WRONG)!

In this article, we will discuss why.

If you’ve ever talked to a piercer you’ve probably heard a couple of common phrases come up such as:

  • Blunt force trauma
  • Room for swelling
  • Bad quality jewelry
  • Unsanitary products

…and more. That’s because they can have some very adverse side effects like:

Blunt Force Trauma

Piercing guns cause blunt force trauma. (Blunt force trauma is – as its name would suggest – a severe traumatic episode caused to the body or head with the sudden introduction of a blunt instrument used with great force) This is because rather than actually using a needle (which pierces), piercing guns use a blunt earring that rips through flesh. Some problems that can arise here are:

  • The piercing never heals/heals incorrectly
  • The piercing gets infected easier due to the prolonged healing process (or the quality of jewelry)

Room for Swelling

The jewelry needs to be large enough to grant your body some swelling. Don’t worry, swelling is completely natural considering you just got pierced. Some complications that can arise from having too small of a piercing is:

  • Heightened risk of infection
  • Even longer healing time
  • Extremely heightened chance of incorrect healing
  • The backing and front could sink into the ear
  • Skin could heal over the jewelry

Bad Quality Jewelry 

Bad quality jewelry can lead to many dangerous complications mostly including a VERY heightened risk of infection.

Unsanitary products 

Piercing guns cant be sterilized. They’re made of plastic and cannot be cleaned in an autoclave, and even if they’re “cleaned” using an alcohol wipe, that doesn’t sterilize them and does not fix the problem at hand. When your body gets pierced it sends a lot of blood to the new piercing, and that blood gets on the piercing gun (even if you cant see it). An alcohol swab is not enough to eliminate cross contamination

In short piercing guns are unsafe, unsanitary, and overall horrible. I highly recommend watching this video (and this one) for more information,


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