How to Grow Green Beans

How to Grow Green Beans

Sharanya Karanam, Reporter

The first step to growing green beans is to find the perfect ones to plant. There are two types of green beans: the bush and the pole green beans. Bush green beans grow to the side like a bush and pole green beans grow up and one on a pole.

I will be talking about growing pole beans since they are more common. The first thing you will have to do is plan where you will plant them. This is the most important step because if your beans are planted in the wrong spot they might not grow. The timing is also important you would want to plant your beans in the spring so that there is now chance of frost killing them (green beans can not tolerate the cold at all they will die when exposed to it). the soil temperature should be 60 degrees Fahrenheit when planted. Pole beans need to grow in the sun they are like sun flowers and grow taller and taller until exposed to sunlight.

Green beans have to be set in their own bed they can not be with other fruits or vegetables when planted. The soil that you use should be between 6 and 6.5 PH. The soil should also have organic matter from other animals like horses and cows. Pole beans need support to grow (thats why they are called pole beans). Instead of putting a pole in the ground you want to make a TP shape with wire or put in a chicken coup wire pushed into the ground.

Now you can plant the beans in the middle of the TP or around the chicken wire eat an inch apart. Do what you do with all your plants water them and nourish them with new nutrients. If you put leaves on top of the seeds it creates moisture and a kind of cloud but you still want to water the beans. remember to weed the bed and rotate the crops if you plant beans every year. When harvesting the bean remember not to rip out the whole plant but only the bean. If you are planning on eating your beans only eat them in 4-5 days so that they stay fresh.

Good luck with growing your beans.