What’s the Deal with Henry Danger?


Evan Tucker, Reporter


Chapter 1: The Danger Begins

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A new show appears in the slow, hot summer day of July 26, 2014, titled Henry Danger. This show was advertised for the entire past week, And the show had a lot of potentials, about a boy who gets a summer job, only to find out he signed up to be a sidekick to the town’s most famous superhero, Captain Man. The first episode titled The Danger Begins was okay, but it went downhill fast. Yet somehow, the show got the “Burnout” treatment. Today, on the first written article of What’s the Deal With, we will be reviewing possibly the worst show that Dan Schneider made.

To those that grew up with the shows that Dan Schneider made, I’m sorry to say that is, in fact, a convicted pedophile, With shots of Henry waking wearing nothing but underwear. Also, don’t go too his website. It’ll ask for your age and inject your computer with viruses. In other words, this man’s career was clearly going downhill. he had uncomfortable “desires”, and he wasn’t afraid to put it in his shows. Many episodes of his shows had to do with feet close up to the camera, and Henry and Captain man get smothered in whipped cream. It didn’t help his career that he was pumping out two awful shows. Get ready for a bumpy ride.

Chapter 2: The Secret Get’s Out

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As you can tell, this is not going okay. This ongoing story so far doesn’t have a happy ending. So let’s keep to where this story goes worse. I find that when to show gets worse is when one of the main characters, Jasper, finds out about Henry’s secret job in the episode The Secret Get’s Out. This, unfortunately, is the second episode. Ever. It takes a big plot point that was established in the first episode and just scraps it away. Also, Henry Danger tries to be trendy in this episode, by having the main plot point being Henry’s sister, Piper, blackmailing Henry with a video of him playing The Cup Song, also known as When I’m Gone by 1931 artist Carter Family but with cups as percussion. Yes, this is the Pitch Perfect song. Also the episode Dream Buster’s has actor Baron Jay as Kanye West. I felt like I needed to say that. Overall, most of the jokes in the show are okay at the least, and jokes are the only real quality of the show. The entire show is basically joking back on back.

One of the characters, known as Schwoz, is a little… Racist. His entire joke is that he’s German. How do I know, because whenever he finishes a sentence, a laugh track plays. Also, he’s weird and small. Speaking of which, the creators needed the show to be funnier. So, to make it seem better, they added an abundance of laugh track noises, so it gets the illusion of a joke. Once again, I’m sorry to say the series is once again going downhill.

Chapter 3: Trouble in Tropikini

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This is it. The last chapter. Where the show takes it’s low and brings a new, animated show: The Adventures of Kid Danger. The animated series used to be an animated comic with good visuals, yet it only turned into a web series. We got this instead, and the show looks awful. It’s stiff and weirdly designed. The writing is awful and the humor is even worse. And there’s some interesting… feet action. It pains me to type that. In the episode Trouble in Tropikini, Henry, Captain man and the comic relief character no one cares about that played the voice of Jake in Jake and the Neverland Pirates, get stuck in a volcano with a cult that worships giant feet. I want to be joking so bad right now it pains me. The best shot in the entire show is one of the wrinkling feet of the German man no one knows, Schwoz. Also in the beginning of Trouble in Tropikini, he dresses up like a girl. That wasn’t really relevant, but I still feel like I need to talk about it. This is the first animated show Dan Schneider made, so many jokes in the show only work in live action; like Kid Danger and Captain Man getting attacked with baseballs. This show is awful. There’s even an inside joke with the creators they put in the show! This is, in my opinion, the worst still-running show on Nickelodeon.

The animated series used to be an animated comic with good visuals, yet it only turned into a web series. We got this instead.

Last Minute Mentions:

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During a famous Nickelodeon event, Kids Choice Awards, Henry Danger got voted “Best Kids TV Show”, and the main cast of actors got up on stage to receive the award. Although Jace Norman, an actor of Kid Danger, decided to give an improvised speech that no one in the cast knew about. Henry made an awful, dramatic joke about how the Oscars mistake the show LaLaLand for the movie Moonlight, saying that the nomination went to Moonlight, not Henry Danger. They also used this as an inside joke in the Adventures of Kid danger episode, Trouble in Tropikini. Because of all the inside jokes these people have, why not this one? And Cooper Barnes, an actor of Captain man had to cover up the awful joke by saying Jace Norman read it upside down. Jace then got awarded for Best Actor. this means that Jace was not done with his speech. It started off like a great speech until when Cooper Barnes closed it off, Jace added on to that speech with strange political undertones. This is said to be the most “Painful to Watch” moment on Nickelodeon. Speech link here.

And that’s the deal with Henry Danger.


images from: Nickelodeon, Brandon Barclay on Pinterest, and Henry Danger Wiki.