Tech Wishes In Education

Tech Wishes In Education

Ehan Umatiya, Reporter

Right now technology is improving our lives in so many ways and creating opportunities that would otherwise be nonexistent. Technology can move our entire lives and the entire global community forward. So this is what I think of tech in schools.

Part 1:

As technology becomes a more prominent occupation and a massive part of our lives I feel that us as students of Gen z and the millennials our lives depend heavily upon technology so we should be able to take more technology courses, such as robotics. A lot of us will take up careers in technology and medicine so the school should design lessons based on that. Also, our schools are very far behind LISD in terms of tech. For example, within LISD every single student gets their very own Lenovo ThinkPad laptop. So every student has access to technology. This is a much better system because A) there are no giant computer carts that have to be lugged around and B) less paper can be wasted because everyone could access online textbooks.

Part 2:

Technology could help people collaborate on projects through the internet instead of going to someone else’s house and doing it that way this is also helpful because students who wouldn’t otherwise have electronics can have access to them. This can empower them to not only do school work but accomplish tasks and goals out of school such as online courses. The school could also pay back the computers via a renting fee for something such as $75 or $50 for the entire year. This would also teach children accountability and responsibility for the computer. This is also a way to let kids communicate with teachers for help and/or to do out of school tutoring. This would also improve parent-teacher relations by improving communications with parents.