Eighth Grade Football vs. Pearson Ranch

Pearson Ranch vs. CVMS


Featured Image by: Baker Tuthill

Baker Tuthill, Reporter

So, I admit: it was my first CVMS football game. I’d never been before, so I didn’t know what to expect. I couldn’t wait to see what would happen. As I got out on the field, the game started. I started taking photos and notes of the game. I also tried to get into an artsy shot or two, but I didn’t do very well. Anyway, here’s how the game went.

It was the 8th grade Red team  vs. the Pearson Ranch Rattlers. Pearson Ranch is a new middle school, so they didn’t have enough players to have a Blue Team play there as well.

Pearson started with the ball, an after a series of fumbles, the Mustangs got the ball and threw it in for a solid touchdown, but failed the extra point. After a long lull in which no one could get a first down, CVMS finally scored but once again failed the extra point. The scoreboard displayed 12, HOME, 0, AWAY at the end of the game – we won! And now, a slideshow of photos from the game.