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Hardest Classes According to 15 Kids

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Hardest Classes According to 15 Kids

Evan Tucker, Reporter

Here are the results. Scroll down more to listen to some answers!

6th Grade: Their reasoning

 Pranav Shivashanker: Language Arts

“Because there’s a lot of homework and you have to write a lot and writing’s not my strength”

Zoya Karovalia: Language Arts

“I don’t know why because when I was so young and I didn’t even like reading.”

Nina Stockingr: World Cultures

“Because of all the tests and homework and it’s just really hard.”

7th Grade: three 7th graders with their reasoning

Joseph Clements: Math

“Because it has the most problem-solving.”

Claire Ross: Science

“Because… I’m not sure. Okay, um… We’re learning more difficult, like, harder stuff…”

Nanya Sathaye: Math

“Because you have to do a lot of equations, problems, and it’s really confusing.”

8th Grade: three 8th graders with their reasoning

Austin Grimaldi: Math

“My brain is no of smartly, so me no very good English. Me no math very very goodly.”

Kevin Han: Us History

“There’s a lot of stuff going on around there and it’s teaching you about multitasking and handling many projects at once and also time management because you have to memorize a lot of stuff and lots of terms and lots of events that happened to pass your tests.”

Saaketh Matgala: Us History (Pre-Ap)

“It’s so difficult because of all of the due dates and all the assignments that I get. Luckily, there’s a schedule on google classroom that I can use to keep up with.”



6th Grade: Language Arts and Wolrd Cultures

Because 6th Graders lack in Reading and writing, and Us History is difficult to memorize.

7th Grade: Math

Because math has difficult, at problems and can move too fast or slow.

8th Grade: Us History

Because it’s hard to memorize terms and hard to study for tests.



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