Why I Believe We Should Have School Uniforms


Claire Lawrence, Reporter

School uniforms can be found all over the world, from the U.S all the way to Singapore. However, many schools oppose having their students wear uniforms, and I oppose statements such as this. Wearing uniforms in school would offer benefits to the whole educational community, such as decreasing bullying, anxiety, pressure, and distractions based on clothing.

Every day at different levels of education, kids are getting bullied for how they dress. People can find a problem with whatever you wear, and will make sure you are feeling defeated by the end of the day. Any clothing item around can be used against you, and nothing is safe. Bullying can really affect one’s mental health and will impact you for the rest of your life. Letting students dress is creating unnecessary bullying, and could really make a student’s experience in school worse.

School uniforms would make getting dressed less stressful. Just about anything you wear people can find a problem with. I’d be walking down a crowded hallway, thinking that people were silently judging me for what I wear. I want to be studying math, but instead, I am debating whether to wear a skirt or jeans. Some people may think that pants are too lazy for a girl, while others may think that skirts are distracting to others. In the end, I throw something on and get teased by my peers.

School uniforms eliminate pressure on students’ clothing. Rather than spending an afternoon shopping for the new and trendy styles, you could be completing your schoolwork or engaging in a hobby that will benefit your future self. Students would no longer have to take time out of their day just to impress their friends or feel like they fit in. School uniforms would be able to remove a distraction from students’ lives so that they can focus on more important things.

Uniforms also serve as a sense of pride. It is a way of showing that you are a contributing factor to something bigger. It makes you feel like you are a part of a community. A sense of unity among a group of students may seem boring at first to the students, but it actually has more pros than cons.

School uniforms don’t have to be the uptight suits you see in media. When most people think of them, they think of ties, undershirts, over-shirts, belts, etc. Most school uniforms, though, are normal clothing such as a colored polo shirt and shorts or pants. They are comfortable and would not be uncomfortable or tight when students need to focus, so they would not be a distraction in the education environment.

Students opposing school uniforms would say that school uniforms are expensive and could create a financial burden on the school and the families sending their children there. While it is possible for uniforms to be expensive, schools can change their one – supplier system for purchasing uniforms to multiple cheaper alternatives so families can shop around for their students’ uniforms. Having a uniform is generally less pricey than having a whole wardrobe of clothes to wear throughout the week.

If you let students dress, you’ll have to add dress codes or they’ll dress too revealing or inappropriate. But where do you draw the line? What is too revealing? People have been debating this subject for years, and whatever the school chooses, people will get upset. If we had school uniforms, we wouldn’t have to deal with dress codes being too strict, too loose, or sexist towards girls.

Most people would say that students dressing is a form of expressing their creativity, and by adding uniforms, we are taking that away. However, there are plenty of ways for students to express themselves besides the way you dress. After all, dressing like everyone else in the newest trends is not a way of self-expression. Even if you think it is, the pros of school outfits outweigh the cons by a landslide.

In conclusion, schools should have uniforms because it would decrease bullying, get rid of excess anxiety, eliminate pressure on students, end strict and controlling dress codes, increase school pride, avoid debate on dress codes, provide inexpensive clothing for students, and end sexism in dress codes. Doesn’t it seem like uniforms would benefit our educational system substantially?