Volleyball Insider


Bump, set, spike, and score. I have interviewed some of the 7th-grade volleyball players of the Red team. As well as a team manager. I have asked each of them some probing questions. Let’s take a look at what they had to say.

Question 1. “Why did you want to try out for the team?”

(Bella Toney) “Well, I have played volleyball since I was 10 and it’s my hobby. I really enjoy playing it!”

Addy Parent replied with, “I like volleyball and since I do club soccer, I can’t do outside of school club volleyball. So, this was the perfect opportunity.”


Question 2. “What does volleyball teach you?”

(Jaya Barrientes) “With volleyball, I have gotten over fears and became stronger. It has taught me to never give up.

(Addy Parent) “It has taught me to bond with my team.”

(Bella Toney) “It has taught me to be motivated in the moment.”


Question 3. “What is your favorite thing about Lady Mustangs volleyball?”

(Bella Toney) “I like being on a team for any sport. You make friends, bond with them, and get to do fun things together. It’s a special feeling. I love being apart of The volleyball team.”

(Addy Parent) “Our team, 7th grade A team is the loudest. We cheer for each other and support one another.

(Jaya Barrientes) “I really like getting to be with school friends and I really enjoy our bus rides to our away games.


Question 4. “So Jaya, what happens before a game?”

(Jaya Barrientes) “We get in a circle and pray, we cheer for each other. If we have an away game, we pack up and head on the bus to our venue.”


Question 5. “What is your favorite drill?”

(Addy Parent) “My favorite drill is hitting lines.”

(Bella Toney) “ My favorite drill is hitting lines, which is basically practicing for the game. Like how you would improve or rehearse in dance. It helps me warm up and it’s fun.”


Question 6. “What is your least favorite drill?”

        (Addy Parent) “My least favorite drill is butterfly lines, they are really confusing and just slow pace.”

(Bella Toney) “My least favorite drill is running. I just simply don’t like to run.”


Question 7. “What do you take out of every game?”

(Addy Parent) “To not get frustrated with your teammates and have confidence in yourself.”


Question 8. “What advice would you give to future Lady Mustangs volleyball players?”

(Bella Toney) “Don’t stress during the tryouts, the more you get in your head the harder it gets and the worse you do.”


Playing volleyball is a very different role than being a manager but they are equally important. Let’s hear what Kennedy, one team manager had to say.


Question 1.  “Why did you want to take this position?”

(Kennedy Clement) “ I wanted to be as involved as I could in Girls Athletics and I really wanted to be apart of the team even though I didn’t play volleyball.


Question 2. “What is your favorite part of being a manager?”

(Kennedy Clement) “I enjoy getting to be with the team and hang out with them. I also have learned a lot about volleyball, like the rules, etc.


Question 3. “What is your least favorite part of being a manager?”

(Kennedy Clement) “I don’t like keeping stats because it’s kind of hard.”


Question 3. “Would you take this job again?”

(Kennedy Clement) “Yes! It is fun and I made new friends and got to meet new people.”


With these emotions about this seasons volleyball, I can’t wait to see what these Lady Mustangs do and how far they can go. Let’s go Mustangs!