An Interview Summary With Mrs.Campos


Evan Tucker and Colin Johnson

There’s a new Sixth, Seventh and Eighth-grade math Teacher — Mrs. Campos. As we welcome her to the Canyon, let’s learn more about her.

Colin: “How were your first six weeks here?”

Campos: “Very good! I love this school! The kids are wonderful and the staff is amazing.”

Colin: “You teach math, correct? Did you choose math or did math choose you?”

Campos:”… Yes, I chose math.”

Colin: “Why did you choose math?”

Campos: “I’ve always liked math, I think it’s very interesting. I believe it’s a very challenging and creative subject and there are many possibilities.”

Evan: “So how do you like Canyon Vista so far as a whole? How’s your interaction with the staff?”

Campos: “Great! They’re very helpful very supportive. Very welcoming. I appreciate that.”

Colin: “All teachers have a sort of bus duty. Do you have one?”

Campos: “No, but I do have some duty down by the canyon.”

Colin: “Do you make sure no one goes down there?”

Campos: “No one really goes down there. I guess if they did try to walk down there, that wouldn’t be good. In the morning, they should be up and about.”

Colin: “Have you taught before?”

Campos: “Yes, this is my tenth year. I’ve always taught math.”

Evan: “What school did you teach at?”

Campos: “I was in Hawaii, at an intermediate school.”

Colin: “Have you always taught sixth seventh and eighth graders? Or have you taught at an elementary school before?”

Campos: “I’ve taught seventh and eighth grade.”

Colin: “So is this your first time teaching sixth grade?”

Campos: “Wait, no… I taught technology applications for sixth grade.”

Evan: “Final note: What’s your favorite thing about this school?”

Campos: “The kids! They’re wonderful!”

Evan: “Yay! That’s what they all say!”

Campos: *chuckles* “Yes I know, but it’s true.”

Meet her in room 224!

Also, thank you Mrs.Campos. We couldn’t do the interview without you.