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The Dungeons and Dragons Club

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The Dungeons and Dragons Club

Colin Johnson

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As the club fair rolled around, many clubs are starting up. One of these clubs is the Dungeons and Dragons Club. We all know of Dungeons and Dragons (D and D), it’s the RPG where you can do whatever you want. After coming out 44 years ago, then losing popularity in the 1990s, D and D has finally reawakened and gained popularity again (with plenty of help from Stranger Things). Two years ago, Andrew Watson and Colin Johnson started D and D club at CVMS, with Ms. Yung as a supervisor.

After this time, the D and D club has grown a lot, with tons of members. People come to this club for lots of reasons. For the roleplay, to just play a game, to make friends, and because they exist close to members of the club.

Dungeons and Dragons is usually played on paper, but there are many different versions and editions of it around everywhere to get the game to fit everyone’s tastes. In a normal D and D group, there are roughly four to six people, with one Dungeon Master, and everyone else, a player.

The Dungeon Master (DM) is the Ref of the game, in a way. They make a dungeon and have the players traverse it. Only the DM can see the map, and tells the players when there are monsters, puzzles or treasure chests. They also run the shop, speak for NPCs and do many other things

The players each have their own character sheet and their own stats. These stats are based on class, race, level, and dice rolls when making your character. When faced with puzzles, monsters, and other obstacles, players can perform dice checks (dice rolls) to determine whether or not they succeed.

In all the Dungeons and Dragons club is a great way to spend your time after school. All meetings are held every Thursday in Mrs. Yung’s Room. Come and join us!

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