Morning Announcements


Mehak Mehmi, Reporter

Have you ever wondered why we have morning announcements in the first place? We have them because possibly everyone in the school needs to know what’s going on and why is stuff happening.

Well, the answer is because you need announcements to inform you about the school. Here’s how it starts: First all of the 1st period newsmedia students need to sign up for the dates they are anchoring. Then they need to be ready on that date. They need to wear professional clothing. Then they film and read off the teleprompter that shows what each person needs to say during the announcements. Of course, the script is edited by Ms. Sharpe every day for the new announcements. Sometimes Vishnu Sreenivasan, the producer, adds in a joke.

Here are some quotes from some of the newsmedia students:

  • “The morning announcements are fun but the first made me a little nervous. Now I really enjoy it.” -Hannah McDonough (7)
  •  “Vishnu makes it really frustrating when they make a tiny mistake and we have to start all over again.” – Evlabia Konstantinou (7)
  • “It feels weird because when you are up there, you have to do everything perfectly and not laugh.” – June Jung (7)

All that I know was it feels very nervous when you are up there with a camera looking right into your eyes while you read off a screen. I think doing the morning announcements is a great opportunity to shine, boost your confidence in front of a large audience, and mostly to have fun.