Showing Off Great Music at Festival of The Bands


Silas Ou, Reporter

On Oct.1, the 19th Annual Festival of the Bands occurred. It was hosted by Round Rock ISD and had participants such as Cedar Ridge, McNeil, Round Rock, Stony Point, and Westwood. It was held at Kelly Reeves Athletic Complex and performances began at 7 p.m. Elementary and Middle schools, including Canyon Vista, also participated.

Most students felt great about participating in the district-wide event.

“It was cool to be on a field in front of thousands of people playing for them,” Rebekah Saenz (8) said.

All of the students enjoyed seeing band students from every level.

“Festival of the Bands was very majestic with all the different bands playing music,” Ethan Tang (7) said.

Since the event took place during dinner time, there was food available for band students to enjoy.

“There was a lot of pizza and I love food, but besides that, we had to wait a lot to play,” William Lei (7) said.

Students also thought it was great to play at Kelly Reeves stadium.

“They also recorded us and we were on a jumbotron,” Aarnav Chitari (7) said. “We were also on the news. Overall it was very fun, but exhausting.”

The grand finale came when the Texas State Bobcats performed at the end.

The students also thought they compared well to the other middle schools in the district.

“It is unanimous that we did the best out of all the middle schools there, this is not a biased statement because other schools said that too,” Chitari said.

photos by Hayden Hammer