Why Is Gym Class Important?

Hannah McDonough, Editor

Most students are enrolled in a Physical Education (PE) class here at CVMS. Sixth grade takes wellness or dance. Seventh and eighth grade take dance, Sports and Fitness, Girls Athletics, or Boys Athletics. Usually, we pick these classes to have fun or to try out for sports. But that’s not the only reason for taking PE. Some people don’t like PE, but it’s actually very important. Here is the breakdown of each PE class.


Dance is actually a fun PE choice. It can also be taken as an elective. So, why should we take dance? According to Dancesport life, dancing is a great way to keep our bodies healthy and strong. Have you been feeling stressed at all? Try dancing. It’s a fun and active way to relieve stress. Next is perhaps the most obvious reason: Dance is a way of self-expression. It is an art and a talent. This especially shows during choreography projects. You are being creative. Overall, dance is really fun. Whether you’re making the steps up or learning them, it is a healthy way to express yourself. I’m glad CVMS offers dance as a class.

“It’s a way to put up with stress from studying. I don’t know why I like it that much, but it’s fun. You’re moving your body into something cool. It’s even cooler when you do it all together.” – Yoonjoo Oh (7)


This is a class that most sixth graders take. They do a lot of stuff with the sports and fitness class. This class is your typical PE class. They try out different sports like softball, swimming, soccer, football, etc. They still do WODS and Benchmarks (usually with sports and fitness) but this class helps kids figure out which sport they want to do. This class helps you keep fit and compete against yourself. Basically, it’s a version of the sports and fitness class, only for sixth grade.

Sports and Fitness

Like I mentioned earlier, this class is similar to wellness education. They’re pretty much doing the same things. Except… sports and fitness does a couple extra things like snorkeling and kayaking in the pool. This class is to keep seventh and eighth graders healthy and active. This class is for people who just want a regular PE class or want to be in PE but not Athletics. This is the class I am in. I can say it’s fun and all the coaches are nice. It’s a great class that gets to try out lots of sports.

CVMS Athletics

Athletics classes are broken up into boys athletics and girls athletics. Then it is divided up further into seventh-grade boys (or girls) athletics and eighth-grade boys (girls) athletics. If you want to try out for sports (with the exception of soccer) you must be in this class. Sometimes they practice during the class period. These classes are probably the largest ones. Although there is a lot of people, they are broken into different groups. This is probably the most challenging class. They do many things from weights to sprints to functional fitness. This class will definitely keep you fit and healthy.

“Girls athletics is challenging but fun because you get to run a mile every Monday and on Friday you get to just play sports.” – June Jung (7)



To summarize, there are a variety of PE classes you can choose from. And you may not like PE at first, but I’m sure you will. As you can see, there are a lot of PE choices. Our school has all these classes so that we can stay fit. PE or dance can also relieve stress and they can be really fun classes. PE is a break from all of our studying. We have some pretty awesome coaches that will help you whenever you need it. So stay fit, have fun, and believe in the power of PE.