CVMS Interview with Theater Student, Ojal Jitesh Kalyani

This is an interview with, Ojal Jitesh Kalyani (7) a theater student who talk about how it has impacted her life.

Nikita Raman, Reporter

What is the hardest thing about being a Theater student?

Well, having all the attention on me and having to be on stage

What do you love about acting?

I get to put myself out there without having to get judged. Everyone gets to be themselves, that’s probably the best thing about acting plus Mr.Park’s is great.

How do you display your emotions?

It is how you would typically display your emotions, but you have to embrace it more than the rest. To be honest it matters on the character for example where the character is, the personality of the character all those sorts of things. If you were to play a proper character, for example, a someone of royalty and they’re upset they still have to display their emotions, but at the same time, they have to behave mannerly, graceful and proper. All the key elements of the character.

How do you improve the role of a character?

That is what we do in theater, we learn on how to improve us as the character. We lean on how to be in the characters position and think about what they would do and feel. In this why this allows you to understand the character better, and therefore do a better job playing the role.

Is theater your favorite subject?

Yes, it is and Mr.Park’s is an amazing teacher.

Do you plan on adding theater to your future, if so how?

To my future, I don’t know to be completely honest, I haven’t thought about really because it is really hard to be successful in that field. That is what I think personally I feel although I love theater. I am not very good at it therefore not being able to add it my future right now anyways.

How do you calm yourself on stage?

When I am on stage, in case I get super nervous, I try to center myself and pretend as if there is no one around me and it is me and my friend, who normally plays the character next to me.

What do you feel to be the number one thing to go wrong when performing?

Since people are known to get nervous on stage all the time, sometimes they forget their lines or they forget to do something that’s where improve comes in. That way you help that person. In the end, the show has to go on.

What is your favorite thing about theatre?

I think the fact you can be however you want to be, the theatre is just a special place, you can whatever you want. There are obvious rules, like school-appropriate behavior things like that, but overall its a very special place, where you can do whatever you what and not be judged.

Is there anyone you look up to if so who?

Definitely, Mr. Parks and Ms. Crain really up to them because of how amazing they are and how they just how to portray the character. They’re comfortable on stage and I just can’t comprehend that. Personally, I think that I could never do that because of stage fright. When I see them acting it inspires me to do better and to work towards my goal to be as amazing as them.

How has your life changed since theatre?

I used to be really closed off, more of very scared person. I was a new student so I was nervous about everything. When I started theatre, I learned how to use my voice, because of that my personality really started to shine.