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Predicitons for 2024



As we head into the New Year of 2024, everyone has readied their own lists of wants and needs. Some want to get rid of a bad habit while others want to start a new good one. However welcoming 2024 is proving a lot more challenging taking into consideration the economy, world peace, markets and other such attributes. Reading this article will give you a small insight into what we (Canyon Vista Students) think are gonna happen this year.


  1. A complete worldwide network outage.

Solar flares, eruptions on the sun’s surface and sunspots are expected to multiply and intensify throughout this year, as our yellow star enters its most active period in two decades. For Earthlings, that could lead to more beautiful dancing aurora far and wide, but also radio blackouts, worldwide loss of internet and satellite disruptions. 

Has this happen before? Yes it has. The last a solar storm like this hit was about 20 years ago, somewhere around 2002-2003. Many people might question what the big deal is, If we lived through it 20 years ago it cant be that hard. But if you think about it, Everything you do these days has something to do with the internet. Even too make a simple transaction you HAVE to have the internet. Lets hope this prediction isn’t right because no one would like the world with no netflix right?


       2. Noah Schnapp from stranger things is gonna get canceled.

 Noah Schnapp who is famous for his role as will byers in stranger things, is predicted to be canceled from playing his role in stranger things. The beloved actor is said to have stated a controversial statement regarding the palestine war.

“I don’t think that stranger things fans are very sad but I don’t think that they are very happy either. He probably should have kept his opinions to himself though.”,Clara Jordan (6th) said. 

 Although the actor has said to have released an apology video, many stranger things fans are hoping that Schnapp will not be canceled and still be playing the role for stranger things season 5 coming out in 2025. 


         3. There will be a decrease in the number of green gas emissions.

 Many people have predicted that the number of green gas emissions would go down because there have recently been a lot of precautions being taken for the future. We think that there might be a lot of small but impactful steps being taken in the coming year to reduce the green gas emissions. Cars have started to run on electricity and houses have started to use solar energy to use power for their houses. 

“ I really hope they will take some steps for recycling plastic because that’s the number one priority for almost everyone, including animals.” Sanmita Hosur (8th) said. 


        4. A meteorite hit somewhere late in the year.

This was another popular prediction for 2024, a meteorite crash somewhere near the end of 2024, to be more precise near November-December. Around 2 whole decades ago, a 54 million ton asteroid was predicted to come really close to planet Earth but NASA lost track of the asteroid and crossed out the possibility of it hitting to Earth. Nasa named is the “lost asteroid” 

But as of November 2023, A report produced by NASA claimed that the 2007 FT3, or the “lost asteroid”, may hit our planet in 2024. 


         5. Miami goes underwater.

 A weird but valid prediction of Miami going underwater was made. Miami is located in a lower altitude with snow capped mountains and ice bergs at the top of it. Because of global warming going overboard, the snow might melt causing the state of miami to go underwater. 

“I’ll just say ‘go to the beaches while you can people’. The great drowning is coming!” said James Harker (7th).


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