Interview: Dr. Daniel Schere MD

Interview of Dr. Daniel Schere MD

Today I decided to interview Dr. Daniel Schere MD. He is a neurologist, and additionally, my father. Neurology is the study of the nervous system. It is a branch of medical science. The brain is one of the main parts. Here’s how it went down.

Q: What is the most important part of neurology?

A: I would say the most important part of neurology, or my job as a neurologist, is understanding how the nervous system is organized, so that when someone has a complaint, I can predict where the problem might be.

Q: Why did you choose neurology?

A: It is an area with many unanswered questions and very attractive to me. I wanted to learn about a growing field and be able to help a large number of people.

Q: If you weren’t a neurologist, what would you be?

A: That’s a hard question… I think I may have enjoyed being an engineer: I love understanding a process.

Q: Have you ever had a child patient?

A: I am an adult neurologist, and I work with adults and some teenagers, but younger kids are taken care of by pediatric neurologists. That is a considerably different area of knowledge, because a developing brain has its own secrets and issues to address.

Q: What branch of neurology do you work in?

I completed my neurology training and then decided to specialize in epilepsy, which is a disease that makes people prone to having seizures. Seizures are episodes of abnormal electrical activity that can be quite scary.

Thank you Dr. Schere for answering these questions. I know you are a great doctor and a great dad and I know that you’re amazing. If you have any ideas for someone I might interview, tell me in the comments. Have a great day.