CVMS Band TMEA Audition

CVMS Band TMEA Audition

Kavin Thiyagarajan, Producer

The CVMS Band has many students advancing to the district and region bands every year. CVMS students hold at least the top three spots. If you have ever been to the band hall, you would know how good the band is by seeing the sheer number of trophies available there.

One of the biggest things that they prepare for during their year in the band is the region audition. The TMEA or Texas Music Educators Association is what holds this band competition.

they have an audition on Nov.3. During this audition, they will have to perform an excerpt from three etudes, two scales, and one Chromatic Scale. Students from all over Austin come over to perform at the audition. People from different school districts even come to the audition. The top performers in this district audition will try to make district band. If you are one level above district band, you will advance on to Region Band. The region Audition is being held on November 10.

” I am very excited about this audition and I look forward to it,” Michael Rao (7) said. Rao is an honors band trumpet player.

The best performers in the audition will move on to the Full region Orchestra. The second best will move on to Region Band. Those who move on there will be presented with the opportunity to play in an ensemble made out of the top players in our region. In CVMS, our  Band Director, Mrs. Brigette Parsons, will take us out for dinner. They will be acknowledged as one of the best band players in the region. Next, they will get to play under the supervision of a highly qualified band director. they will get to play with a famous composer who has made many pieces. One example of this would be the profound band director William Owens.

” I highly anticipate the Region Audition and whatever result I get I will accept,” Brian Fu (7), Honors band flute player said.

A lot of pressure is put on us to succeed but they will do it. With rigorous practice, effort, and hard work, they should be able to do very well in the TMEA Auditions.