The Vertical Concert

Charlotte Blackmon, Reporter

On Thursday, Nov. 1, the day after Halloween, the vertical concert will be at the RRISD Performing Arts Center. The choirs performing will be the Grisham 7th and 8th-grade choirs, the Canyon Vista Varsity choirs, the elementary school choirs, and the advanced and chamber Westwood choirs.

On Tuesday, October 30th the middle school choirs went to practice with the Westwood choirs for the vertical concert in the Westwood choir room. The girls and boys went individually, the girls leaving at the beginning of first period and the boys leaving around third period. Being in the Canyon Vista Honors Choir, I was only able to be present for the girls’ practice session.

The Canyon Vista Honors Choir boarded the bus shortly after arriving at school. The bus then drove to Grisham Middle School to pick up the Grisham choir girls. Then the bus went to Westwood.

When the girls got to Westwood, they got on the risers and began to rehearse the song ‘Bring Me Little Water Sylvie’. This is an acapella song accompanied only by a hand-clapping and foot-stomping routine performed by the middle and high school girls. The song starts in unison, and, after the first verse, splits into three parts. There will be two soloists, me (Charlotte Blackmon (8) and Sarah Sherwood (11). Arushi Sharma (8) was also considered for the middle school solo.

After rehearsing ‘Bring Me Little Water Sylvie’, the girls’ choirs rehearsed the song ‘Si Si Ni Moja’. Si Si Ni Moja is Croatian for ‘you’re like mine’. The song will be performed by all of the choirs included in the concert.

Once the girls were finished rehearsing, they got a doughnut (or two) and got back on the bus to return to school. The Grisham girls returned around the end of second period, while the Canyon Vista girls got back a little after the start of third period, missing all of second period.