How are Pets Beneficial for Humans?

How are Pets Beneficial for Humans?

June Jung, Reporter

We have all seen people subject to depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety disorders,  and, personality disorders. These illnesses are hard to deal with. Having a pet around you can help, or even fix some of these disorders. Having a pet can also decrease cholesterol levels, anxiety, and your chance of having a heart attack or stroke.

Having a pet can increase your amount of happiness, and lets you release dopamine. While it also helps distract you from your problems, it can also be a burden. While having pets might seem like it would be cupcakes and rainbows, you must care for it. This means daily exercise, food, and love. Commitment is everything in these relationships between you and your pets.

Why you should consider getting a pet

If you are thinking about taking in a dog for a pet, a pro is that dogs on walks you can use as a conversation starter, and maybe make some new friends. These walks also get you off your couch and exercising. Once there was a study held that confirmed that when you are a pet owner, you have greater self-esteem and are better able to react to rejection. When you have kids, pets can even act as a best buddy, and let your child learn to express empathy. Stroking a cat or dog can lower your blood pressure, and even make you sleep better at night.

Another reason that pets are good for you is that they bring order to our lives. Be honest. If you’re a pet owner, you have at least some kind of schedule. Wake up, have breakfast, get dressed, go for your daily morning walk with your four-legged friend. Then maybe come back and get ready for work or school. Then maybe when you get back you can feed hem and cuddle them while you are doing your homework or checking your emails. All you pet lovers out there, make sure that you can include at least one, into your life.

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