What is the Future of Technology

Comparison of tech from past and current

Comparison of tech from past and current

Kavin Thiyagarajan, Reporter

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Technology is a broad concept. There are many forms of technology. We have our phones, tablets, laptops, lights, and a lot more. Our computers used to be the size of a room. Now we have a computer more powerful than the ones back then in our pockets. The advancements in technology are Awe-inspiring yet scary.

We don’t know what will happen with the technology that we create in the future. We don’t know whether it will be used for malicious purposes or good purposes. That is the thing about advancements. We can only guess at what will happen in the future.

Phones are becoming smaller and more powerful as the days go by. Last year we had the iPhone X come out with the all screen design with the small notch. This was seen as a new type of design has been copied by many companies. The 5G data is releasing before 2020. 5G data will be 10 times faster than the current 4G data. There are many pros and cons for 5G data.

One pro is that 5G data is insanely powerful and fast. The data will enable us to use technologies that were not thought to be possible before. It will be a stepping stone in technological advancement. The con is that one, the 5G data will produce higher than normal amounts of radiation which is not good for the human body. Another thing is that although 5G is powerful it only travels short lengths. To make 5G a viable source around the entire USA we will need to spend around 300 billion dollars. That is no light expense

Cars are becoming self-driving. There are a few issues with this technology. One is that if the car hits somebody without a driver inside, who will be blamed. Will the owner be blamed, or the company. Another thing is that can the car be trusted. Is a robot truly better than a human? Will the convenience be worth it? These are all serious questions to be asked.

Transportation itself is changing. The hyperloop is being developed for public use. This will enable us to move at speeds that we could not reach on land before. The question that arises is that is traveling at that speed safely? Is it something that is actually viable? These questions need to be answered before we make any moves.

AI is a new concept where artificial intelligence is designed to help humans in their everyday lives. We have all seen those science fiction movies where AI turns on humans and goes on to destroy mankind. Although these are just movies what if this comes to happen? We don’t know. We know the positives though however. The positives are that the AI is directly linked to the internet. A huge source of information. A database that is ready to help us in every way possible. Siri and Alexa are the most basic forms of AI. AI that comes in Humanoid robots is in another level though. These have access to the internet database but also try to recreate human-like features such as emotion in their voice and facial expressions. NVIDIA’s AI has been able to generate truly lifelike human faces.

This shows how far AI has gotten. This could be a truly great thing or the end of the world. Only time can tell what is going to happen to this world and the technology within it. The technology that is growing at a rapid rate. The technology that is helping people in their day to day lives. The technology that is destroying nations from the inside out. The technology that we kids use to play with. The technology that terrorists use to strike fear into the heart of countless people. The technology that is now its own force of nature and only time can tell what disaster, or miracle it will bring upon us. If you want to learn more about the AI click here.