Review of Big Buck Bunny

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Review of Big Buck Bunny

Colin Johnson, Reporter

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Big Buck Bunny (BBB) was a strange short film created by Peach Studios, using an animation software called Blender. It may seem like a cute, funny little video teaching kids about bullying at first glance, but it’s so much more than that. It’s so bizarre, and shocking, that I think I should just get right into it.


The movie starts off showing the viewer around the forest, a quiet, serene place, in which everything is calm, and nothing is bad. The next shot cuts to a tree, where a bird is singing a merry tune, minding its’ own business when it is shot off of the branch by an acorn. Such acts of scorn and malice are a reoccurring theme in this movie.

We then cut to a shot of BBB’s hole, where the then see this gargantuan rabbit with fat folds jiggling, crawl out of his hole after a long sleep. he spends some time smelling the flowers, then encounters a butterfly. He is immediately captivated and follows the butterfly around. Then some squirrels come out from behind a tree and pelt BBB with acorns. After that, the leader of the bunch BRUTALLY MURDERS the butterfly by BEATING IT WITH A ROCK. And all of this is on screen, too. Afterward, one of them RIPS OFF HIS WINGS AND FLAPS THEM AROUND!! Pretty kid-friendly, right? Then, the squirrel’s pelt BBB with spikey balls. After that, BBB runs into the forest and there’s a montage where BBB gets prepared to get back at the squirrels. He makes a bow and arrow, some tripwire, and many other traps. Then… comes the onslaught.

The squirrels decided to go into the forest and search for BBB. In the forest, they split up, and then the first squirrel death is shown. A humongous log that’s probably at least 15x the squirrel, is swung at him, and smashes into him, killing him immediately. The next casualty is a grey squirrel who unknowingly avoids being squashed by a huge boulder and then is crushed by a gigantic log. But don’t worry, it’s just a fake-out death because the log has a hole in it. But that begs the question: why would BBB use that log? Wouldn’t he know there’s a hole in it? Although this might be a minor oversight, I still want to ponder it and go deeper into the psychology of BBB… After the two failed attempts on first-degree murder, BBB intimates the squirrel to get onto a branch, which then launches him into oblivion. Literally. He probably goes 500 miles into the sky or something, causing the pressure to kill him alone, and if he did survive that, when he hits the ground, all his bones would shatter on impact. Yes, this is definitely kid-friendly.

Now, for the finale. The leader of squirrels turns out to be a flying squirrel and glides towards BBB. When he does this, he knocks over a peach(Gee, what a subtle joke)which triggers a trap, springing tons of wooden stakes out of the ground. The squirrel then flies into a tree branch and falls. This is the end’, he thinks, plummeting towards, a painful death, when suddenly he is caught by another branch. He attempts to get away, but the branch is actually being held by BBB. BBB then smiles maliciously at him, his wry smirk terrorizing him into dismay.

We then cut to BBB in the fields looking content as he flies the squirrel like a kite. We then close out with a black background around BBB, as he makes a goofy smile like nothings wrong. Then we go to the credits. There we see an after credits scene, where a bird poops on the flying squirrels head, with a very GRAPHIC animation. Just stop watching once you see the credits IF you decide to even waste your time with this horrendous monstrosity.


If I worked at MPAA, I would make this movie rated R, due to the graphic violence, and the after credits scene, even if it is a cartoon. In my opinion, this movie went too far with the bullying message. Instead of the butterfly getting killed, just take out the butterfly altogether, and just make it so the squirrels pelt BBB with acorns and fruits. Make it so that instead of killing the squirrels, BBB just puts them in time out or something, not brutally murder them. And remove the after credits scene. I shudder just when thinking about it.

I rate this movie a 2.2/10, which is the lowest rating I’ve given a movie, PERIOD. Not just in articles, but when I watch a movie in my free time too, this is the ABSOLUTE worst thing I’ve ever seen. Usually, when I watch something meant for kids, I cut it some slack, since it’s meant for kids, but THIS, should not be made for kids.

The main reason I made this review is so that you, the reader, can have an idea about what this movie is like, but not fully experience it, because, no one, and I mean NO ONE, should ever see this movie. If you want to watch it, that’s ok with me, I won’t stop you, but trust me, you will regret every second you’ve wasted, staring at your computer screen if you watch it. The whole thing is on YouTube, in 4K, uploaded by the creators, so you can watch it for free. But remember this; free doesn’t always mean good.


Here are some weird images I screenshotted from the movie: