Could Iron be a New Cholesterol?

Could Iron be a New Cholesterol?

June Jung, Reporter

A New Cholesterol

Cereal is very popular across the U.S. and it is filled to the brim with iron. Your bowl of cereal most likely contains more than twenty percent of what it actually advertises. If it does – that’s about twenty-two milligrams of flour.  On average, people tend to consume at least two serving sizes at a time. This suggests up to forty-four milligrams. The recommended daily consumption of iron is forty-five for adults. Which the National Institutes of Health thinks to be safe. Almost any food with wheat flour inside would fill your maximum need for iron, but that’s just one product. The average American can consume up to 210 pounds of wheat flour per year. That’s about half a pound of flour each day! That is WAY too much for the human body to process. Just like the problem we had with our cholesterol.

A Risk of Disease

We are starting to understand why we need to cut down on the iron we consume, studies have shown that elevated iron levels can increase the attack of everything from cancer to heart disease. Christina Ellervik, a research scientist who studies the connection between iron and diabetes at Boston Children’s Hospital, says: “Where we are with iron now is like where we were with cholesterol 40 years ago.” Okay, we get it – We consume too much iron, but what would happen if we did the exact opposite?

Without Iron

Iron is an important part of Hemoglobin. This is a substance in your red blood cells that carries oxygen from your lungs to the rest of your body. Without it, your body can’t make enough healthy oxygen-carrying red blood cells. Without Iron we can’t survive but with too much of it, Iron becomes a health risk. If too much and too little hurts us, how are we supposed to consume just the right amount of Iron? Try to avoid eating too many red meats, or foods high in animal fats. Foods that are high in fiber also help steady the income of iron in your body and promotes healthy digestion.

I Hope you found this article informative and helpful, too much or too little can pose a health risk, just remember that about Iron and stay alive and healthy.