Canyon Vista Lion King

I Just Can't Wait to be King Preview

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Canyon Vista Lion King

Charlotte Blackmon, Reporter

The Lion King is the classic Disney tale of a young lion who loses his father and has to overcome his evil uncle and assume the throne. So, Hamlet with lions. There are so many things that people love about Lion King, from the fantastic songs to the engaging story and characters, and now you can see it all being performed by your friends at Canyon Vista. The Lion King will run from February 7th through the 9th at a very affordable price, so you are highly encouraged to come out and support your Canyon Vista theater and choir programs.

If you’re planning on seeing the Lion King, here’s a preview of the cast.

Hannah Ashtari as Zazu

Nash Baines as Mufasa

Oliver Barnfield as Ed the Hyena

Charlotte Blackmon as Rafiki

Awa-Susan Currier as Young Nala

Brennen Dill as Mufasa Understudy

Ben Fox as Scar

Alisha Gandhi as Sarabi, Simba’s mom

Gabriel Paredes as Simba

Neha Poreddy as Nala

Emma Portnoy as Shenzi the Hyena

Sydney Safarik as Timon

Jonathan Simon as Young Simba

Anderson Zoll as Pumba

And many more in the chorus. There are a lot of students in each grade that made it into the musical, so chances are, you’ll know more than a few. You’ll also know more than a few of the songs. You’ll recognize many from the first movie, such as the Circle of Life (sung by Rafiki), I Just Can’t Wait to be King(sung by Young Simba, Young Nala, and Zazu) Be Prepared (sung by Scar), Hakuna Matata (sung by Timon, Pumba, Young Simba, and Simba), and Can You Feel the Love Tonight (sung by Timon, Pumba, Nala, and Simba), the song He Lives in You (sung by Rafiki) from the second movie, and lots of songs that you’ve probably never heard.

Canyon Vista’s Lion King is directed by Raul Vara, Paige Crain, and Misti Vara, with choreography by Jonas (the choreographer for the Choir Spring Show) and Coach Scott (the dance teacher here at Canyon Vista)

Here are some snapshots of the choreography for I Just Can’t Wait to be King.