Another aspect of staying healthy


Jessie Van Den Berg, Editor

Staying healthy is not just about eating a balanced diet and washing your hands very frequently to avoid germs. As those are important to staying healthy you are missing one more thing, can you guess? Exercise!

It is recommended to exercise about 45 minutes – one hour every day. There are many types of ways to move your body, get a sweat, and get your heart rate up. Let’s discover some of those ways, shall we?

Any sort of sport
If you are on a team playing basketball, football, baseball, softball, volleyball, or performing dance these are all great ways to keep up your physical health. You are not only improving your skills at these practices, but you are working out. It is a great win-win.

A simple way to move your body without having to pay for a class, or have any equipment is running. If you have a treadmill or elliptical you can use that. Or just go for a run around your neighborhood. You could go with a parent and make a path along the different blocks. This can improve your overall health.

What works for you
Do you have an open space somewhere in your house? Is it your bedroom, living room, or garage? Wherever it might be, use that space and create your own work out routine. It can be 45-minute cardio to get your heart rate up. Then, a 15-minute cool down or yoga. This means you can really customize what you work on. If you are great at sit-ups and not great at push-ups. Your workout could look something like this.
40 sit-ups
15 push-ups(increase by 5 every time you do it)
30-second plank
50 crunches
15 leg drops

This is a great manageable routine. Work on what you need to and stick to that.

This is another type of exercise that could require just an open space or you could go to a class. If you do it at home which I recommend, you can get your phone or iPad and look up some good videos on YouTube with an instructor you can follow. Yoga is a great way to strengthen your muscles and yet stretch them. I enjoy this type of exercise because it is so calming and zen and I find this a great time to reflect on me.

Overall there are many types of ways you can exercise, it is just a personal preference. You can also switch up your workouts. All that matters is you move your body, get a sweat, and get your heart rate up. Even though it might not be the most fun at times, it is the last thing to living a healthy balanced lifestyle.