Here We Go: Fashion


Here we go, time to ruin something else ( if you want to see me trash Air Pods click here ). Fashion. When you were young one pair of shoes might have lasted about two to three months. If your shoes were designed to fail it wouldn’t matter. As you age your shoe size stays the same for up to six months at a time. So if the same design applies to articles of clothing, then you have to go clothing shopping more then you should.

Fast Fashion

Fast fashion is killing the clothing industry clothes are made so cheaply and so quickly that they can’t last long.  The definition of fast fashion is and I quote “inexpensive clothing produced rapidly by mass-market retailers in response to the latest trends.” Latest trends, the second something is out of style it can be discarded because it isn’t a waste of money. We as functioning members of society need to buy less clothing and when we do, we need to make sure that the clothing that we buy can last and is good quality.


When you see a clothing advertisement they aren’t selling the product they are selling how your life will change after you purchase the item.  Kids watch these advertisements they want to be similar to the kids in the ad. They use the one thing many kids want, to be the perfect person. They want perfect friends, perfect grades, perfect life, and this shirt will give it to you. According to the American Psychological Association,

“Commercial appeals to children, however, did not become commonplace until the advent and widespread adoption of television and grew exponentially with the advent of cable television, which allowed programmers to develop entire channels of child-oriented programming and advertising. Opportunities to advertise to children further expanded with the explosive growth of the Internet, and thousands of child-oriented Web sites with advertising content have appeared in the past few years. ”


Good quality clothes are pricy, for Back To School Shopping most people don’t want to spend $20 on a striped shirt. So a majority of people go toward the cheaper options (which is the sane thing to do), but as I mentioned the cheaper the clothes the worse the quality. At the high end of the market, people will still pay $500 for a T-shirt. They don’t care about the price or how the shirt looks they care about the brand. The fact that a couple of letters or a logo can convince people to blow their savings on a shirt they will stain a week later. Our fast-fashion habit is expensive. More than $500 billion in value is lost every year due to cheap quality clothes and lack of recycling.

Humans Can be Annoying

One of the reasons people buy expensive clothes is to impress others. Don’t deny it, that’s how our sad society works we need approval from others to feel satisfied with life.  Your value as a human should not be objectified by whether or not you bought your clothes from Lululemon or Goodwill. Even if that requires spending an arm, a leg, and your entire life savings on frivolous accessories.  So if the constant desire to impress others disappears ( along with Air pods ). Then your life savings can stay in your wallets and your limbs on your torso.


Clothes are pieces of fabric and that is it. Clothes are not walking popularity contests. Feel free to express yourself in any way you want to, go ahead. If those Gucci shoes are comfortable and you will hold on to them for a couple years go ahead. Buy whatever you want.