When is Enough?


Jessie Van Den Berg, Editor

Social media has taken over people of all ages. It has its dangers as its benefits. Most of us are aware of those. But, what we all don’t realize is that we are so dependent on our phones in general. No matter the apps, we can’t seem to put the screen down.

There was a simpler time before the 2000s when we found ways to fulfill ourselves, entertain ourselves, and communicate with others. But now it is like if we forget our phones at home we are doomed to survive the rest of the day. Sure, now things are pretty much all electronic and it is a lot more effective to use technology for communication. But that doesn’t give us the excuse to be on our phones 24/7. There is a time and a place when enough is enough.

I am not saying that I don’t like or support the improvement of technology. But, I do feel that we are too reliant on it. I am all for faster ways of communication and the use smart watches and phones etc. However, I do believe that at certain moments we can have the willpower to put the telephone away.

For example, if you are with a friend or at a party you shouldn’t be scrolling Instagram or continuing streaks with your Snapchat buddy. It is just plain rude. By constantly being on your device is also when manners start to float away and the selfishness and attitude level go way up.

So, now knowing that technology is not bad, it is super helpful but, you shouldn’t always be on your electronics. Let’s learn about when it would be appropriate and how often you should be on your devices.

When you are on your phone in class. That is just an irresponsible thing on your part because you get the chance to get an education. You are taking advantage of that privilege. So turn off your phone, and play games later.

Another time when it is respectful to not be intrigued on your screen is when you are eating a meal. Whether you are with friends or family put it away. It shows that you don’t care about them or their time. And from personal experience, this is an example that makes me really upset. It’s distracting and disrespectful and I can’t make this point clear enough.

So now that you understand the pros and cons of technology and when it isn’t appropriate to be on your devices, Let’s learn about how to stop being addicted to our phones.

You can for starters delete your social media. I did this once for three months and as I was not addicted to it at all, I thought this was a good way to test myself. I proved myself right. I was very proud and thought others should try it. It can do so many great things for you that I cannot even list them all.

Another thing you can do to improve your disconnection is by making a routine. So for instance, put your phone away at night. That could be across your room or in your kitchen. This is creating a boundary, the first step in your routine. Then when you wake up, allow one hour max. Afternoon two-hour max. And whenever you have a company or are having family time put it on a table. This is a general idea of how you could create a less electronic daily routine.

If none of this sounds appealing to you, by all means, don’t do it. It is your life and you choose how you want to live it. I am just trying to explain how to create in my mind a better healthier happier lifestyle.

So all in all, be respectful. Don’t be on your phone when you are with others. And find ways to disconnect yourself because it is so important for your mental health. Use your common sense to figure out if it is appropriate or not to be on your phone. Take advantage of the time you get with others, for you may always have your phone but who knows how long you might have a loved one.