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Samsung Galaxy S 10 review

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Samsung Galaxy S 10 review

RaghuramPaturi, Repoter

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Recently Samsung released another Galaxy phone — the Galaxy s10. There is also an s10 plus, but let’s talk about s10 and it’s specifications. In the end, you can think and say whether this is a good phone.


So first let’s talk about the display. The s10 displays 6.1 inches and they added a new display on s10 it is the world’s first Dynamic Amoled display. Basically what they mean is they increased the color accuracy and they added colors that look like real life and they increased the brightness in this phone and this display supports HTR 10 display.


The Samsung galaxy s10 includes the first phone to release a 1 TB Phone with 12 GB Ram, and that is a lot for a normal phone to have 12 GB Ram with 1 TB in my opinion. And this includes the micro SD support if you want to expand the data for your phone for almost 5- 12 GB and this total includes 1.5 TB storage data and that is a lot.

Camera and Video Recording

In Samsung galaxy, s10 added new HDR video recording, Basically, there was no HDR video recording in Samsung phones so they added this new feature in the s10. And they added another camera in the back and this includes a wide-angle camera that is 16 megapixels, And in the front camera, the new feature is you can do 4k video recording.


In s10 they added more battery power,  which is 4100 battery capacity. And the cool new battery feature is wireless battery power, which means this supports reverse wireless charging and if use this, you charge your Samsung buds.

So finally my opinion about this phone is a good phone but the storage is more than I would need.  However, overall I liked every new change that Samsung made for the s10.

What is your opinion?

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