Celebrate “Technically” Holidays

Celebrate Technically Holidays

“Hey bro! Coming to my house today to celebrate National Donald Duck day?”

“Yeah, my mom packed me corn for lunch today to celebrate Corn on the Cob day.”

“Hey! Today’s Puzzle day’s eve!”

When holidays become well-known, such as Halloween or Veteran’s Day, other days of the year try to live up to their glory. and essentially create a bootleg holiday. While I always love a good day to celebrate… National Work Naked day is not something I’ll particularly encourage. Let’s give a round of applause for some holidays that “technically” are holidays.

Chocolate Covered Raisins Day

on March 24th

I’m glad that we finally have a holiday celebrating everyone’s favorite candy! While this holiday may only exist for the sole purpose of boosting sales of those raisins you always see at the theater, make your friends and family some homemade chocolate-covered raisins when this time comes around!

The Great Flurpkin Day

on March 26th

On this day, naming your newborn Flurpkin will grant him good luck! If you think I’m making this up, I assure you… I am. On March 26, we celebrate Create Your Own Holiday day! Everyone just wants a piece of holiday greed.

Lost Sock Memorial Day

on May 9th

This one is pretty self-explanatory. On this day, we remember lost socks by either throwing away singular socks or using them as cloths. What more can I say?

Put a Pillow on Your Fridge Day

on May 29th

It gives good luck.

Repeat Day

on June 3rd

This holiday is about repeating actions or events from the day prior. Honestly, this holiday probably wouldn’t be on the list if it wasn’t for the coincidental “Leave the Office Early” day happening twice right before this holiday. Looks like they’re celebrating repeat day early.


Please Take My Children to Work Day

on June 25th


This is a nice holiday. It’s where the kids go away from home for a day and the mom gets to have an alone day. I only put this holiday here because the title sounds like a desperate cry for help.


I Forgot Day

on July 2nd

I can’t remember what this is. Apologize about your forgets to your friends and family today.

Be Late for Something Day

 on September 5th

On this day, be annoying on purpose. Call ahead and tell someone you’re running late for no explainable reason. Just hope you don’t have a wedding to go to today.

International Talk Like a Pirate Day

on September 19th

A somewhat famous joke holiday, but there’s more than meets the eye here. Why stop at talking? Commonly a missed aspect of this holiday is that you should dress like a pirate, watch pirate movies, read pirate books, and host pirate parties to watch pirate movies and read pirate books. Fun fact, this holiday was originally on D-day, but it was changed for obvious reasons.

International Skeptics Day

on October 13th

Today, just be skeptical. Question everything, talk to those who believe in myths, and… Read Shakespeare? This day has no acceptable reason to exist.

Howl at the Moon Day and Night

on October 26th

Why??? Instead of calling this day Wolf Day, they call it this. On this day, learn about wolves and take a night time hike as you scream loudly at a glowing rock millions of miles away. Fun for the whole family (?)

Pretend to Be a Time Traveler Day

on December 8th

I’m unsure of where to begin. The concept sounds… mildly entertaining. Celebrations for today are self-explanatory. Dress up, get in character, and watch time travel movies. Fun for 10 minutes!

No “L” Day (A’phabet Day)

on December 25th

Christmas is boring. Attempting to remove the letter “L” form speech and writing, however, is some real thrill. The basics of today are to put the presents aside and not say the letter “L” anywhere you go. Writing/typing it is not allowed. Talk about Noel, am I right?


Well, hope you have fun celebrating these important holidays, such as Be Late For Something Day. Until next time, Merry No “L” Day!