STAAR is Coming Around the Corner

STAAR is Coming Around the Corner

Jessie Van Den Berg, Editor

STAAR is coming around the corner and as it’s peeking up on us we sometimes start to… freak out. But, there is no need for that. Today I’m going to help you find strategies and give you tips on how to relax and remain calm while taking STAAR.


  1. Eat clean
  2. Get a good sleep
  3. Take deep breaths
  4. Be confident
  5. Dress comfortably
  6. Repeat a positive phrase

Eat clean

You want to make sure you are not eating candy, drinking sodas, or inhaling chips. These foods will not nourish your body. They will not give your mind and the rest of your body energy that it needs to function properly. By eating clean your brain will be ready to work and you will feel so good on the inside and ready to answer 50 academic questions.

Get a good sleep

To feel in control and have calmed nerves the thing for you to do is get a solid 8-11 hours of sleep. Your body needs to rejuvenate and rest before the “big day.” If you go to bed at 3 am you will most likely not feel so great getting up at 7 am. You should relax and don’t stress yourself out before bed. Remember it is just a test and it doesn’t define who you are.

Take deep breaths

Once you are at your seat in your advisory things start to become more and more real. Tests start being handed out and… you need to stop and take a couple of deep breaths. This is will slow your heart rate down and lower your anxiety.

Be confident

You are smart, you know the material, you got this!! Go into these tests with confidence and try not to let the nerves get the best of you. Of course, some nerves are normal, but it is how to cope with them is what you can change for the better. Like I said earlier your grade doesn’t define who you are. If you don’t get a fantastic grade the worst thing that is going to happen is you get extra help. How bad is that?

Dress comfortably

You will be sitting in a chair for four hours. Using all of the strategies you know to do your very best on this test. The last thing you want to worry about is your clothing. Your specific classroom could be very cold or hot, so dress accordingly! Also,  you will be sitting pretty close to others which can create body heat, so keep that in mind as well. Another thing is you will be in this room for basically the whole day, so wear your softest t-shirt, comfiest pants, tennis shoes, and bring a fluffy sweater. Don’t worry about who sees you because once you are in that chair you are going to regret wearing that tight skirt and shirt with a belt. Trust me you will thank me later.


Repeat a positive phrase

Saying affirmations go along with being confident. By setting your mindset to that mental place of “I got this” you will genuinely feel that way. You could repeat a phrase to yourself the night before, the morning of, and during the test itself. Another option that is a little more humorous and it’s holding a power pose. You would probably only be able to this at home. But still, by doing it the night before and the morning of it will definitely have its useful effects.


You got this. You know the material. Take deep breaths, get good sleep, eat healthily, be confident, repeat affirmations, and dress comfortably.