How Good is a $100 Phone?


Silas Ou, Reporter

With the release of the iPhone X, XS XS Max, Samsung S10, etc. It seems a lot of phones are really expensive. So many of us think that if you want a working phone that can surf the web, take pictures, and you can play gems on, as well as whatever you need to do. You need to drop at least half a grand. But enter the world of $100 Phones. None of these phones will win critic awards but will get the job done. The list of these phones includes the Nokia 2, Alcatel Dawn, and Samsung J2 Prime. Anyways, most of these phones are created for people in developing countries like China. This is because people there cannot afford a high-end phone. All of these phones can also support 4G LTE data.

Nonetheless, these “budget” are aimed toward people in developing countries because people there cannot afford a high-end phone. A common misconception is that these “burner” phones aren’t good. And they are. Just in a different way. You can surf the web, download apps, and use the apps. Essentially you’re looking at a barebones/cheap way to do what the iPhone XR can do. That being said, these phones do everything extremely slow. It takes 30 seconds for them to load in YouTube, they shoot video only in 720p, and they don’t have portrait mode or cropping on the camera. The list goes on, like how their download speed is half the speed of modern phones. Also, all the phones listed are Android. But fear not, for you can buy an iPhone 5S that has been refurbished for $99.

So what can we draw from all of this? Well, I hope that you learned that if you’re low on money (or your parents won’t give you a phone) then maybe you could save up to get a nice $100 phone. To put this article in a sentence would be like this: “The world of $100 phones is a minimalist approach to a digital phone, whilst being able to do what a regular Phone can do, just slower, but at  1/12th the price.