Lets talk about procrastination. Well, maybe i’ll do it later…


Andrew Watson, Reporter

I think it’s safe to say that we all hate when people try to make us do work. Especially when they do it just because they are working and don’t want you to relax when they can’t. (Sorry, just ranting about my parents.) Let’s talk about procrastination. Well, maybe I’ll do it later…

*Legitimately Twenty-One Days Later*

Alrighty, Maybe it’s time to actually work on this. So, yeah, procrastination. What is it? Procrastination Is essentially chronic laziness. The Intense feeling of doing it later. Procrastinators are people who procrastinate all the time. Like me. I don’t wanna do boring stuff right away. Like, Who does? And Given the choice to do work and not to, I’ll choose no work every time. It gets to points where it’s ridiculous but looks at me. I’m happy. (Actually, maybe that wasn’t the best example.) Whatever. Most procrastinators are happy. Let’s go with that.

Anyways, Procrastinators tend to put their work off until the very last minute, where they do it all at once. During that period of time, they’ll do anything BUT that specific thing that they need to do, almost searching for stuff to do instead. Some don’t even do the work at all. But, this is just me talking about what procrastinators are.

*Google Search*

According to a site on google, procrastination is caused by depression. Depression leads to a real, just laziness and not wanting to accomplish anything. It makes sense when you think about it. Procrastination is a side effect of depression. If you are procrastinating, get up and start working hard… Tomorrow…