Ways to Relax and Fall Asleep


Jessie Van Den Berg, Editor

Sleep is a challenging thing. And if you are like me I am not a morning person so I cherish the good sleep I get. Unfortunately, that doesn’t always happen. So if you are in a similar situation, here are some tips that have helped me to sleep and will hopefully help you.

  • Reading in bed can slow your thoughts down and creates you to focus on one thing. I would recommend reading something more on the uplifting side because it might not be pleasant to fall asleep to something scary or sad. Reading also tires out your mind because your brain is pretty much working out.
  • Dimming your lights will create the atmosphere of a spa or give off the impression of candle lighting. It will actually tell your body “Okay, it’s time to go bed, it’s time to sleep.” This is a very simple thing that can quickly calm your body down.
  • Aromatherapy can be used in a few ways. You can use pillow spray or a diffuser with sleep-themed essential oils. Such as lavender or eucalyptus. This can open you up and also relax your body enough to fall asleep.
  • Taking a hot bath or shower is a key thing in relaxation. If you use Epson salts in a bath, it will give you additional healing benefits. There are salts for post or pre-workout, moisturizing your skin, relaxing, and rejuvenating.
  • Just breathe. Breathing is something that will physically slow your heart rate down which will allow your body to rest. Some exercises include inhaling for 5 seconds, holding 5 seconds, and exhaling for 5 seconds. You could also just take 8 old fashioned deep breaths. This is something that personally helps me very much when trying to go to bed.
  • Going off the grid. I know it might not be the most fun thing to do, but turn off all electronic devices an hour before you go to bed in order to not have your sleep impacted by the radioactive waves. It will be something to have to get used to, but it will help your sleep and health majorly.
  • Camomille tea. A hot cup of anything really before bed will get your body feeling warm and toasty. Camomille tea, in particular, will have lots of herbal sleep components in it as well.


I hope you learned something new. And I hope your sleep will get better.