Sixth Grade Q and A

Sixth Grade Q and A


I interviewed two sixth graders named West Morgan and Madeline Ellis. They answered a few of my questions about how middle school was going.

What do you like about Canyon Vista so far?

West – “PE because we get to swim.”

Madeline – “Teachers since they’re really kind and nice.”

Is there anything in particular that you would like to do at Canyon Vista?

West – “Athletics in 7th grade.”

Madeline – “to play volleyball in 7th grade.”

Do you like switching classes?

West – “Yes.”

Madeline – “Yes, because you get to take a break, in between classes.”

Do you enjoy having a locker?

West – “Yes, because you can go in between classes and don’t have to carry everything around.”

Madeline – “Yes.”

What is your favorite subject?

West – “Math.”

Madeline – “Math.”

Is there anything about 6th grader you were looking forward to in elementary?

West – “Not standing in lines in the halls.”

Madeline – “Harder math.”

Is there anything you don’t like about sixth grade?

West – “No, I love sixth grade.”

Madeline – “No.”

Is there anything you’re looking forward to for the rest of the year?

West – “Math and PE.”

Madeline – “I just want to play volleyball.”

What is the most significant difference between middle school and elementary school?

West – “Going to different classes and having different teachers.”

Madeline – “Switching classes.”