Inventions of the future: Ruby Chocolate


It’s finally here! All the chocolate lovers of the world now have a brand-new genre of chocolate. Ruby chocolate’s release may not be new to you, but now it’s been released for consumers in North-America! You can thank chocolate makers of the Barry Callebaut company for producing this newfound chocolate that everyone is drooling over.

 What is Ruby Chocolate?

This is the latest variety of chocolate (without any artificial flavorings or genetic modifications) since the creation of white chocolate in 1930. The pinkish color of the chocolate comes from a reddish cocoa bean that grows in the Ivory Coast, Ecuador, and Brazil. 

Barry Callebaut defines the flavor of ruby chocolate as “Not bitter, milky, or sweet, but the tension between berry fruitiness and luscious smoothness. To create ruby chocolate, no berries or berry flavor, nor color, is added.”

Cocoa beans are usually dried and fully fermented to develop a flavor that’s not as bitter as the bean itself. Although, as you would expect, this chocolate’s not much like the others. It doesn’t have many common tastes of cocoa that people usually associate with chocolate. The company Barry Callebaut registered a patent for its creation in 2009. It’s made of unfermented cocoa beans that become red or purple after treating them with citric acid which may explain its berry-like flavor. Then, the fatty acids are removed with petroleum either.

 How can I get it?

The project was revealed on Sept. 2017 in Shanghai. This fourth variety of chocolate has been in development since 2004. It took over a decade for Barry Callebaut to completely perfect this creation of theirs. The product was released to consumers on January 19, 2018, as a new Kit Kat flavor in Japan and South Korea. Ruby Chocolate was also released in April 2018 in the UK and Germany, where Nestle produces it for the European market. It was also released in Canada on Mother’s day just a few months ago.

Unfortunately, chocolate-loving Americans can’t get any unless they decide to take a trip around the world. However, as part of Barry Callebaut’s global launch plan, they intend to hit the world’s largest chocolate market. You guessed it!  The company is working closely with the FDA to start test marketing its product in the US. Just recently, it was unveiled as ruby Coverture and celebrated at a private event in Miami, Florida Monday, May 20.