Top 15 Restaurants in Austin

Austin is quite well known for its diverse food scene. From well-known restaurants such as Torchy’s Tacos to more less known restaurants such as Sunflower, Austin is known for having food from many different nations and cultures. In order to quantify what the “best” restaurant in Austin was, we asked Canyon Vista students what they thought the best restaurant in Austin was. We sent out a form that asked people what their top five favorite restaurants in Austin were. The most popular restaurant in Austin is Chuys. A total of 117 people responded, with 392 restaurants being submitted.

Canyon Vista students had the choice to fill out a form about their favorite restaurants. % spots were given and after a week the results were tallied up. The top 25 restaurants were based off of the results, if there was a tie the editors decided, and the honorable mentions had at least one vote but were picked out by the editors.

#15 Cheesecake Factory

Contrary to what the name might suggest, The Cheesecake Factory doesn’t just serve cheesecake. Although cheesecake is popular, you can also find an array of dishes, such as Thai Coconut-Lime Chicken to Fettuccine Alfredo. You can find anything you want at its two locations.

“It has a lot of variety, they have basically all Italian foods, and it’s not extremely expensive, it is a little, but it’s still good. My favorite dish is the Alfredo.” Subramani Murugananth (7) said.

#14 P.F. Chang’s

With two locations in Austin, P.F. Changs is one of the more popular Chinese spots in Austin. From Chinese-American classics such as sweet and sour chicken. to an “Asian Caesar Salad”, you can find anything at P.F. Changs. 

“P.F Chang’s has really nice food, you can, like, find it even in New York. It’s pretty all around, and they have good noodles, plus they give you lettuce leaves where you can put filling in there, and I think that’s pretty cool. My favorite dish is the lettuce wrap.” Reett Aulakh (7) said.


#13 Rudy’s BBQ

With five locations in Austin, Rudy’s BBQ provides a quality barbecue experience. Being a good barbecue restaurant is difficult. Austin is known for its barbecue, so it’s a big task to be considered the best. Rudy’s BBQ will definitely beat your barbecue expectations.

“I eat there a lot, and I love their corn and their baked potato, and basically like all their food… and it just tastes really good.” Elizabeth Zhang (6) said.

#12 Torchy’s Tacos

With 14 locations in Austin, Torchy’s Tacos is a restaurant people associate with Austin. It’s location on 2809 S. First St. has been graced by former President Obama. It was originally started in a food truck by Mike Rypka, a young man with big dreams. Torchy’s Tacos’ fame and past builds trust and consistence, so if you’re looking for a taco that you know will be good, there is no taco that is more trusted than a taco from Torchy’s Tacos.

“I like Torchy’s because they have tacos and I really like tacos and Mexican food. And they also have tacos that are good and burritos that are also good.” Max Koch (6) said.


#11 Ebisu

Ebisu has one location in Austin, and provides traditional Japanese food. It does have small portions and high prices, however the food alone is great. People sing Ebisu’s praises all the time, and for good reason. If you want a spot to find some of the best sushi in Austin, choose Ebisu.

“It’s like really good sushi there, and the calamari that I had was pretty good.” Rebekah Hatala (8) said.


#10 Amy’s Ice Cream and Phill’s Icehouse

Amy’s Ice Cream is one of the most popular ice-ream spots in Austin. With over 15 locations (including Phil’s Icehouse) in Austin, this is a bit of an unconventional spot on our list. It is the only Ice Cream Shop on our list, and that is for good reason. Amy’s Ice Cream has found their niche in the Austin food scene by making quality ice creams every day. Amy’s Ice Cream has every flavor you could possibly imagine. They don’t just have chocolate – they have Belgian chocolate and dark chocolate. They have both Mexican and cold-pressed vanilla. If you’re looking for a cold treat to indulge in on a hot sunny day, Amy’s Ice Cream is the place for you.


“They’ve got a wide variety of player, I like that default to Mexican vanilla rather than regular vanilla, that’s like a personal preference thing. Just variety, I like their flavors. Phil’s Icehouse? Well, just good burgers, yum yum yum. Also the atmosphere is nice. People are generally really pleasant. The drinks are off-brand, which is funny to me. They’ve got a pretty decent variety of food’s that’s fresh and solid. I’ll either get a plain Mexican Vanilla with rainbow sprinkles, or Oreo in a small or medium cup with a cone on the side. At Phil’s, it’s usually a burger or chicken strips” Elizabeth Hubbard (8) said.


#9 Sangam

With one location in Austin, Sangam provides flavorful classics from the Chettinad region of Tamil Nadu (a state in southern India). If you’re an Indian person who is desperate for good food, or you just want to try Indian food for the first time, Sangam is the place to go.

“So Sangam is a place where me and my family go, eating Indian food, and it’s just like a feel good kind of place, with a lot of really good Indian food.” Nikhil Srinivasan (7) said.


#8 Asia Cafe

Although a major national chain, with seventeen restaurants in the Austin/Round Rock area, it is a clear favorite among Austin students and it’s not hard to see why. Chipotle uses quality ingredients to provide a flavorful and enjoyable experience to customers. There is something for everyone at Chipotle.

“I just like it a lot, because there is a lot of variety, well I only get one thing, but for other people there’s a lot of variety. They also make big portions so you can have it for a long time. Most of the people in my family like it.” Maya Kotichintala (7) said.


#7 Chipotle

Although a major national chain, with 17 restaurants in the Austin/Round Rock area, it is a clear favorite among Austin students and it’s not hard to see why. Chipotle uses quality ingredients to provide a flavorful and enjoyable experience to customers. There is something for everyone at Chipotle.

“I like the variety of food and how it tastes.” Schiki Ezhilan (7) said. 



#6 Hopdoddy

Hopdoddy’s is a mainstay in the Austin food scene. With six locations in Austin, Hopdoddy’s makes some of the best burgers in town. They prove that using fresh, quality ingredients always wins. If you want anything from a cheeseburger to an ahi tuna burger, Hopdoddy’s is the spot for you.

“So the thing that I like about Hopdoddy’s is that their ingredients are very fresh. and their meat is very juicy. And all around, it’s a very delicious and fresh experience.” Ivan Schere (8) said.

#5 Kerbey Lane Cafe

Kerbey Lane has been part of the Austin food scene since 1980, serving comforting, from-scratch meals with fresh ingredients. After starting a small bungalow in Central Austin, Kerbey Lane has progressed greatly with eight locations in Austin. Kerbey Lane has perfected the classic American breakfast and lunch.

“I really like the chocolate chip pancakes there. They’re just sweet and soft.” Sara Dumitru (7) said.

#4 Reale’s Italian Cafe

With just one location, Reale’s is the most popular non-chain restaurant on our list. Starting as a small family restaurant, it is inspiring to see the success of a small restaurant. With delicious Italian classics, Reale’s deserves its spot on our list.

“It’s Italian and I’m part Italian, and, like, they just make the food good.” Rebekah Hatala (8) said.

Hatala’s favorite dish is cheese ravioli with white sauce.

#3 Texas Roadhouse

With two locations in Austin, Texas Roadhouse earns a bronze medal on our list. Specializing in steaks and typical Southwestern cuisine, Texas Roadhouse is a Texas classic. If you enjoy steak or are new to Texas, Texas Roadhouse should be on your list of restaurants to visit.

“I had a lot of childhood memories there, and the food is like really good.” Aliza Maredia (6) said.




#2 Olive Garden

With four locations in Austin, Olive Garden is a favorite of Canyon Vista students and it’s not hard to see why. Olive Garden serves both Italian-American and Italian classics. While it may not be considered “authentic” Italian food, Olive Garden’s dedication and commitment to providing a quality food experience make it an easy contender for one of the best restaurants in Austin.

“Breadsticks, I think we all like it because of that.” Maximo Fernandez (6) said.

Fernandez’s favorite dish is the cheese ravioli with white sauce.

#1 Chuy’s

Although a massive chain restaurant, Chuy’s has been long known as an Austin staple. With six locations in the Austin/Round Rock area, Chuy’s has cemented itself in the Austin food scene. Known for its flavorful food, and the blending of both traditional Mexican and Tex-Mex cuisines, Chuy’s is a place that those in Austin should check out.

“They have really good queso. I think their options for food, like their Tex-Mex, is very authentic and their food very good.” Tegan Hahn (8) said.

Hahn’s favorite dish at Chuy’s is the Chicka-Chicka Boom-Boom Enchiladas.


Although these were the top 15, 5 more restaurants deserve to be named as an honorable mention.

Honorable Mentions

First Watch

First Watch has cemented itself as one of the most popular breakfast restaurants in Austin. With a wide selection of juices, omelets, salads, sandwiches, and more, you know that there is always something for you to eat at First Watch. 

“It’s a breakfast place, and I think it’s not too far away. They have some really good options, and also a lot of healthy options.” Josie Martinez (6) said.


Sunflower is a Vietnamese restaurant located on Research Boulevard. Sunflower provides authentic Vietnamese food. Among Sunflower’s popular dishes are: Hot and Sour Chicken Soup, Spring Rolls, and the Chicken Phở.    

California Pizza Kitchen

CPK, or California Pizza Kitchen, is all about innovation. They don’t stick to the blueprint. CPK provides exciting dishes, such as Thai Chicken Pizza, Carne Asada Pizza, and more. If you want your taste buds to be excited with a new experience, go to CPK. 

“I have like good memories there, and the food is really good. It tastes like less artificial than most pizza.”

Karoline Hammonds (8) said.



Firebowl Cafe is one of the most popular Asian Fusion restaurants in Austin and for good reason. Firebowl claims to provide “a new perspective to Asian cuisine” and they keep this promise with their innovative food. You will be able to try new and exciting dishes, ranging from Pineapple Fried Rice to Pad Thai.  

“It’s a lot different than the stuff that what my family eats, and it’s something that we only usually eat on special occasions, and it’s something that my sister will also eat, and the food there is really good too, and it is sesame allergy friendly.” Holly Wevodau (6) said.


Jardin Corona 

Jardin Corona provides quality Tex-Mex and Mexican food that is sure to make your mouth water. Located near Canyon Vista, if you’re looking for good Tex-Mex/Mexican food in the area, Jardin Corona is your spot to go to. 


“Because it’s good cheap Mexican food. I get that pechuga empanizada, that is my favorite, and who can turn down free chips and salsa? I go there so much, and I know everyone there.” 7th grade Science teacher Mrs. Jami Kobren said.