Halloween Candy Conundrum


Halloween is coming up and you should definitely check out these awesome six, seventh graders’ opinions on the best way to give out candy during Halloween!

What is your favorite Halloween candy to get during trick or treating?

“Twix, because I like the caramel taste and the crunchiness.” Pratiksha Sathyanarayanan (6)

“Butterfingers, because it is a mix of crunchy, peanut butter, and chocolate.” Daria Bobrouskikh (6)

“Skittles because I prefer a fruity candy”. “I also think its a bad idea to put chocolate out in the heat of Texas because it might melt.” Sahasra Mandalapoo (7)

“The big kind of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups.” She enjoys this candy the most because she loves chocolate but as well loves any kind of “XL” size candy. Samantha also exclaimed that she agrees with Sahasra in that, the chocolate will taste “not that good” if it’s left out for the trick-or-treaters.”  Samantha Sinitsky (7)

“Twix because I love chocolate.” ” I like the big size Twix more because its more chocolate and caramel.” Sara Bell (7)

Kit Kat because I like chocolate and I like “the crunchy part” of the Kit Kat.” Caroline Dourty (7)

“My favorite candy is Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups even though I don’t like getting it on Halloween. I would prefer some candy that is not chocolate so that it will not melt while trick-or-treating.” Aubree Matthews (7)

” I like king-size Twixs because they are really big!” Taylor Harton(7)

“I like Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups because they are salty and sweet.” Merak Markle (8)

“I like gummy bears because I like all of the different flavors.” Joseph Clements (8)

Would you rather, be handed candy or take it from a bucket?

“Take it from a bucket.” Both girls said they would rather take their candy from a bucket because you can sneak getting more candy.” Sahasra Mandalapoo (7) Samantha Sinitsky (7)

“I would rather be handed candy rather than take it from a bucket because you get to talk to the person and hopefully thee will still be some candy left.” Sara Bell (7)

Caroline would also rather be handed the candy because then she can thank the person who gave her the candy.” Caroline Dourty (7)

“I would rather people give you candy because then it seems like they care enough to hand it out and not just go on a vacation instead.” Aubree Matthews (7) Taylor Harton(7)

“I would rather take candy from a bucket because there will most likely be more of a variety.” Merak Markle (8)

“I think it would be smarter to take it from inside somebody’s house because then hopefully it will not be as melted.” Joseph Clements (8)