Hey Dude, Nice Shoes! – A Summary of Hello Week


Hello Week was a week of new beginnings and new friendships to sprout. On the first day, the staff and cheerleaders greeted people at the door. The second day, they went to other doors to greet. On the third day, students wore name badges so that we could talk to people using their names. We also had Mrs.Brown join us to talk about being kind and show us the difference between rude, mean, and bullying. On the fourth day, we wrote kind notes for our friends and peers. On the last day of hello week, we were encouraged to wear our school’s color red, white and blue. Students eagerly participated and met new people. 

Here are Mrs. Hobb’s thoughts on Hello Week:

1. Where did the idea come from?

An email we received over the summer promoting the Start with Hello Week (SWH).  During Labor day weekend counselors discussed promoting the event on CV campus.

2. Can you tell us your thoughts on the assembly?

Its always hard to share a powerful message with a large crowd.  I felt Ms. Brown took on the challenge well.  Not only did she share personal stories and made connections with the students. Ms. Brown also shared ways students can bond with their peers daily and not just during events on campus.

3. What do you want students to pull from all the events?

Accept one another, their differences.  Know students are not like them and that’s okay.  Seek out students who look like they could use a smile or a greeting during their day.  It takes little effort to show kindness to a peer.

4. Have you seen any students apply what they learned, an example you can share?

During “Hey Day” (when everyone wore a nametag) we witnessed students going up to someone and calling them by name.  We saw students making positive connections with their classmates. 

5. Do you plan to continue Hello Week?

YES! Students this week are completing a survey.  We’d like to get a student committee next year to help plan the event.

I have a lot to say about this Hello Week, but all I’m going to say is this, Hello Week may as well change people’s lives and we need to make this public in more schools. There are kids out there who maybe have issues at home and can’t cope with it, who need friends and a helping hand. You change lives without even knowing it! But remember to apply what you saw that week into your everyday lives, change some lives while you’re at it!