Biggest Pokemon Game Yet? Why is that?

Biggest Pokemon Game Yet? Why is that?

If you are from the future where the game is out, check out how life was in the late Octobers of 2019 where we needed leakers to get us information since we couldn’t check out the game for ourselves.

Sword and Shield will be the biggest Pokemon game yet, coming up with 10.3GB. The previous Pokemon game, Let’s Go Eevee and Let’s Go Pikachu were only 4.2GB in the 25GB that the Switch can even have. They introduce a new generation, as well as many new concepts. This game can be played on a Nintendo Switch, as well as the all-new Pokemon Switch Lite(It has a new Pokemon-themed design). These games are the third Nintendo Switch games and the 123 pokemon games in total. There are so many features in the game that it’s probably not the end of huge Pokemon games. Who knows? Maybe in a few years, the games will even be 25GB, maybe even more for different consoles. To me, they really overdid this pokemon game more then they needed to, but I like what features they have implemented in the titles.

Dynamaxing and Gigantamaxing benefits

Dynamaxing makes a pokemon big. They get special powerful moves and last for three turns. Some have cool after-effects like rainy-terrain and electric-terrain. That’s all there is to it.

Gigantamaxing on the other hand, special raid pokemon can be not only big, but also change in looks. They also get a special G-max move which is super useful. You can get a Giga-Eevee or a Giga-Pikachu if you have records of even one of the Pokemon: Let’s Go! games on your switch. You can get Giga-Meowth from a code for the pre-download games(I wanted this one so much :(!  ).

Anyway, Pokemon also stated that Mega Evolution and Z-moves will not be a feature in the Sword and Shield games. They also said that The Gigantamaxing and Dynamaxing, as well as other features,  can make up for the people who feel strongly for those features and that the game would be way too complicated if everything was put together.

The New Pokemon Battle Jazz

Who wants to battle gym leaders and do PvP in a sad old building, raise your hand!*Cicada Pokemon Chirping*, of course, No one! Well, those sad old buildings have evolved like Magikarp into the beautiful football stadiums of the Pokemon world! I can understand why they are so big, for your Gigantamax or Dynamax Pokemon. You’ll even have a fancy battle uniform and have ads for products everywhere as a real stadium would!

Many of the trailers in the stadium have shown us hidden new Pokemon like Impidimp which Pokemon put in the Livestream for everyone to see, yet didn’t tell us anything about it yet, what are they waiting for?

Pokemon Camp

I had only one request for Pokemon, let me play with my Pokemon in more ways than one, guess what they did? They delivered! In the camp, you can let your Pokemon freely wander and call any of your Pokemon to play with you with either your screen or with a toy you can get for them.

I never expected the ideas people to come up with this: Make curries for you and your Pokemon buddies. Huh? You can even go to other people’s camps and make curry for them…I don’t know about this, but oh well, I’d like to make a cool curry since if I were to cook in real life anything could happen. I’d also enjoy my Pokemon getting a sip and throwing it all up because of my non-existent cooking talent.

Ginormous Wild Area

The wild area is HUUUUUGE! The wild area, if you don’t know, is where the pokemon will appear like in the Lets GO Pikachu/Eevee, they will just show up without being mysteries. The wild area might be the biggest implemented feature in the games due to its size and how various it’s weather and biome system is.

The thing is, the Wild Area will change due to your real-life surroundings as Pokemon GO would. It can also change depending on the time of day or even your location! Now that kind of scares me.

Other Features

Some other features include –

  • Poke Jobs – You can basically send your Pokemon on quests to gain EXP. and rare items. Of course, some Pokemon will succeed in jobs better than others will
  • Rotom Phone – The Galarian Pokedex powered by our favorite Rotoms! It can get you across the water and make your bike go faster. The website says that it can function as more than just a Pokedex though!
  • More Pokemon Forms – Pokemon can have forms depending on their moods now, and now Alcreamie has a taste-based forms
  • More Rivals! – More competition at becoming the Galar champion. Even the evil team supports one of your rivals as they will appear wherever she will be
  • Version Exclusives – Some gym leaders and multiple Pokemon will only be available in either of the titles. As of all the information we have now, Ghost Type Gym Leader Alister and Galarian Ponyta will be available in Pokemon Shield, while Fighting Type Gym Leader Bea and the incredible Sirfetch’d will be in the title I’ve decided to get: Pokemon Sword
  • Suprise Trades – Pokemon trades were you will not know who you traded with, making it a mystery
  • Newly Discovered Pokemon – Only 73 new Pokemon? (Well, these features might make up for it!)
  • First Time, Wanting a Console? – Get the regular Switch for more options of play! If you want a smaller more basic console, a Lite might be better. Check out for more details on features the consoles have

In review, I think that the Pokemon Company tested out many of these features like camp(Pokemon Quest), curry(Pokemon Quest),multi-player raids(Pokemon GO),  and rotom phones(Pokemon Masters) in the mobile apps to see how fans liked those features. It was smart thinking from Pokemon to add all these apps together, pulling some liked assets into the final Pokemon game, smart thinking, Pokemon! Oh well, let’s see what the future of the game has to offer now, shall we?