Seventh Grade defeats Grisham 42-6; becomes District Champions


Alvin Babvani

The A-team fully grouped up, as district champions, undefeated.

The Canyon Vista Vs. Grisham game was excellent, and if you didn’t watch it, be sure to read this article! Both teams worked hard, and only one came out on top. Here’s what happened.

Before the game, both teams were doing exercises, and spectators were coming in to watch. I was waiting for the game to start and grabbed a quick snack from the concession stand. Pretty standard for the pre-game.

Then, the game started. During the first quarter, the first two plays were pretty average, with Canyon Vista starting with the ball. They got some good yardage in the first two plays, but the third play was amazing! In the third play, Number 88 Peter Hewett broke through the Grisham defense, and made a touchdown! Hardly 30 seconds into the game, and a touchdown for Canyon Vista. It looks to be a great game! Sadly, they didn’t get the two-point conversion, but that didn’t matter considering the speed they made that touchdown! The ball was now Grisham’s, and it went back and forth a bit between teams. Eventually, the Mustangs fumbled the ball, and Grisham recovered it, deep into Mustang territory. The Mustang defense couldn’t prevent a touchdown, but they sure stopped the two-point conversion! Again, the ball went back and forth a bit, but then Hewett got another touchdown! Still, no two-point conversion, but the score was 12-6, in favor of the Mustangs, going into the second quarter.

The second quarter was more of a calm, ‘playing the long game’ type of quarter. The ball kept going back and forth, back and forth, but in the middle of the second quarter, the Mustangs scored another touchdown! This one was a catch by Number 32, Caius Coy! There was a two-point conversion scored this time, by Number 44, Scott Uffelman! Again, the ball went back and forth for a bit, but the third quarter ended with the Mustangs about 5 yards from the touchdown zone. Going into the second half, 20-6, in favor of the Mustangs.

The third quarter started with a touchdown by Scott Uffelman! It was a pretty simple touchdown, just getting the ball and running straight through the defense, with players blocking Grisham player. Number 16, Issar Umitiya, made the two-point conversion! Other than that, the game just went back and forth, like usual. However, the third quarter ended with the Mustangs having the ball about 80 yards away from the touchdown zone, very deep into their territory. At this point, 28-6, again, Mustangs are winning.

The fourth quarter started off with a banger! Peter Hewett got a touchdown in one of the first players, with an 80-yard run. That’s four-fifths of the field! “There were some good blocks, and I was afraid of tripping,” said Hewett. A great touchdown, no doubt, but they didn’t get the two-point conversion. The ball went back in forth, and Grisham had more of a ‘let’s just get this done with’ feel at this point. And then, Issar Umitiya scored another touchdown! This one was him running with his rightfully covered, as his right was the end of the field. Everyone played a part, whether it was throwing the ball to him, or more commonly, blocking the Grisham players from tackling him. Number 85, Chase Cunningham, got the two-point conversion this time. Overall, a great game, ending in 42-6 for the Mustangs!.

Finally! Canyon Vista were the district champions for the first time in a while! They played a fantastic season, and never gave up. They never had to give up, as they never lost, going 9-0! The 7th graders truly worked very hard.