OPINION: Dead Dress Code

Many People Would Agree

Many people will agree with me when I say that the school dress code is unfair. Most of the rules only pertain to girls. Especially the one about shorts. People with really long arms have it wrong too. People should be able to wear whatever they want to wear to school. I’m pretty sure most of the people at CVMS wouldn’t even want to wear something that would distract someone. I’m sure some people would but not most. Besides, if you’re in a classroom and someone is wearing something distracting, it doesn’t mean you won’t necessarily learn anything.

Some Parts of The Dress Code Make Sense, But Some Don’t

Some of the dress code makes sense like no hoods or hats because that is just respect. But things like if you raise your arms, you can’t show any stomach, or no shorts longer than your fingertips, and no leggings without a shirt covering it. Those don’t make any sense. No one even follows those anyway. Many people wear shorts that are shorter than their fingertips, but it doesn’t distract anyone. No one notices because it’s just so typical. Not many girls would walk around in shorts longer than their fingertips. Some may, but many aren’t comfortable with that, and schools shouldn’t keep people from wearing things they’re comfortable in.

It Shouldn’t Be as Strict

I get why the school wouldn’t want people walking into school with certain clothes on like tube tops. I think that the school’s dress code should be a little more lenient. Taylor Hatton (7) says, “I think it’s unfair because not many boys have ever been dress coded. I know that the dress code is there to protect girls. But we can wear whatever we want as long as it isn’t super inappropriate.” Most girls would agree. I also asked Chase Cunningham(7) to see what a guy says about the dress code, ” The thing about dress code is we can’t wear what we want like hats, it isn’t that big of a deal because not many teachers even say anything about it, but sometimes they do, and when they do you have to change or take the hat or hood off.”

If Only The Dress Code Would Change

Most people are in the range for the dress code, and I think that the principle should change the dress code. Most people are reasonably dressed anyways. I think it should be changed to where if someone is wearing something completely inappropriate, they should get dress coded, but not for things like ripped jeans. If the dress code did change, then I think more people would enjoy coming to school, knowing they won’t get dress coded for wearing what they are comfortable with.

People also may express themselves through clothing and fashion, and if the dress code changed, they would be able to dress and express themselves the way they want, through fashion. It would just be better if people could wear what they want to wear. I also think that people who are out of dress code but not for something big cause more of a distraction than if someone was way out of dress code. Some people will tease other people and make a big deal out of something like someone wearing shorts shorter than their fingertips. Stuff like that causes a more significant distraction than if they are dressed in something inappropriate.