8 of the most popular Holiday Dishes: Do you actually like them?


Thanksgiving is easy to skip over. It is sandwiched between Halloween and Christmas, but Thanksgiving is just as important. It is about giving back, being thankful, and food. Whether you eat out or gather around a dinner table with your family, in America, 98% of Americans celebrate Thanksgiving. In most households, it centers around turkey, pumpkin pie, maybe some potatoes. But when you load your plate full of food, what do you avoid? Who likes Thanksgiving food? Here are the top 8 foods that you traditionally see at Thanksgiving and reasons why some people don’t want what’s served.

1. Turkey

This might come as a surprise, but not everyone loves turkey. With a rise in vegetarianism, people that don’t eat meat don’t eat turkey on Thanksgiving. Other than that, some people complain that turkey is too dry or choose ham instead. 88% of Americans are estimated to eat turkey every year on Thanksgiving. So whether you like it or not, Americans go crazy for it every year, eating 13.3 pounds by the average American, which is a lot of turkeys. 

2. The Stuffing

Weirdly enough stuffing is not a well-known thing to eat. Some people even have to ask what it is. If you are gluten-free or don’t like bread, then this is something that you pass when getting your plate. In case you don’t know what this is, it is usually a side dish consisting of bread cut up; some people like to mix the kinds of food into small pieces and seasoned with your favorite flavors. Having allergies to this won’t ruin your Thanksgiving feast, there are several options to substitute the bread that you can find. Nine thousand one hundred fourteen9,114 pounds of stuffing is consumed during Thanksgiving as a whole, which is definitely less than the turkey but is still something to consider when shopping for your Thanksgiving dinner.

3. Potatoes and Gravy

Potatoes are something that you can consume any time of the year, but especially on this day. Whether you like them mashed, roasted, or fried, they are an American favorite. Gravy is the perfect thing to pour on top. But is avoided due to its new taste. The most common potatoes to have around the table are sweet potatoes. Which are included in pies, as a side dish, or even fried. They are produced mainly in North Carolina and Maryland, both providing the world’s most abundant supply of sweet potatoes. So why wouldn’t people like these? Complaints about the thickness or bland flavor are popular among Americans, but if you like these, then you would probably say, put some butter on it!

4. The Cranberry Sauce

Considered as a tart fruit that is rarely used in cooking, it is surprising that this became such a staple. With its vibrant red color and jelly-like texture, it screams the holidays. You can either buy this canned or make it by hand. Where do you put the cranberry sauce? Some people put it on the turkey, and others put it on the potatoes; either way, it makes a perfect side for Thanksgiving. If you don’t like it, then you might complain that it is too mushy or too bitter. Wisconsin leads cranberry production, followed by Massachusetts. I think they would disagree.

5. Green beans

If you have a problem with green things, then you might not like this vegetable. Except on this particular day, they are one of the most loved items on this list. People enjoy these beans for there spices, maybe bites of ham, and flavor in their taste. They usually are in a green bean casserole or on the side of your mashed potatoes. It is tough to find people that don’t like these, except little kids who avoid vegetables altogether. But I even see them loading their plates with these; if you don’t want them, then you are among the very few.

6. Pumpkin pie

As desserts go, the most iconic dessert for Thanksgiving is pumpkin pie. It combines people’s weird love of combining ingredients that don’t usually go together and whipped cream. If you are adventurous, then maybe some candied nuts on top. It is well-loved and hated by people in the U.S. Again; it is all about the texture, people have a problem with the mushy… great pumpkin texture. For people that love this, it is all about tradition and flavor. The store sells out every year, and as one of the most popular crops in America, in 2017, over 1.5 billion pounds of pumpkins were produced. The top pumpkin-producing state being Illinois.

7. Rolls, cornbread, and other bread

This is not only reserved for Thanksgiving. It is often either served as an appetizer at dinner or completely forgotten about. They are hard not to like, notably served hot with butter. A common thing in Texas to eat is cornbread, sweet, or buttery. Whether you want butter on your rolls or just plain, this is an American favorite. Garlic rolls, cheesy rolls, or cornbread all are fantastic for the holidays, especially for Christmas.

8. Corn 

This is another vegetable/grain/starch, and the last thing on this list. As one of the most requested items on this list, corn has been around forever, something even the pilgrims would eat. The most common complaint is that the corn gets stuck in your teeth or the more sweet taste to it. But as a Thanksgiving favorite, it is hard not to like. Butter and maybe some spices go nicely with this popular food, you decide.

The point of this article is that if you are making Thanksgiving dinner from scratch, you have to buy like 100 pounds of butter. Whether you like these foods or you don’t always remember that Thanksgiving is about giving thanks and family coming together. It is essential to be kind and consider that we are all different but all united for this day and each other. We should think about what our ancestors before us sacrificed and the tradition they created. Happy Thanksgiving!