Girl Scout Cookies: The Cookie Craze


It is that time of year. Girl scouts are selling something that nobody can resist. From Thin Mints to Lemonades to S’mores, cookies make their ways through schools at a crazy speed and nothing, not even teachers can stop it. As everyone knows sugar is addicting, especially to teenagers. So these cookies are sold out faster than you will realize they are even there. You can eat two cookies or the whole box, let’s see what students in CVMS think about this craze.

  The poll we took on CVMS student’s favorite flavors reveals that caramel deLites are the most popular. What’s your favorite?

The Flavors

Thin mints: One of the more popular types to get, minty, crunchy, and covered in chocolate. “Put them in the freezer it makes them taste better.”

Lemonades: A shortbread cookie with the bottom dipped in lemon glaze. “Lemonades make me happy.” Sahasra Mandalapu (7)

Caramel deLites: Cookies topped with coconut and caramel drizzled with chocolate. “I love Caramel deLites because they have the perfect amount of sweetness and all the flavors go so well with each other.” Rishitha B. (7)

Thanks-A-Lots: Shortbread cookies dipped in chocolate. “I love the crunch of the short bread and the chocolate as well. these are so underrated.”

Peanut butter sandwiches: Crisp oatmeal cookies filled with peanut butter filling. “if you are a peanut butter lover, and you like the normal short bread. then you will like these.”

Peanut butter patties: Shortbread cookies covered in peanut butter and chocolate. “In my opinion, these are the best girl scout cookies, even though I love thin mints frozen. My personal favorite because I love peanut butter and chocolate together.”- Cleo Steinhauser (8)

Caramel chocolate chip: A new addition that is gluten free and a spin on the classic chocolate chip cookie we all love. “I’m gluten free and even though these are more expensive they provide an alternative to girl scout cookie lovers.”

S’mores: A campfire classic covered in chocolate and crispy graham crackers, with an icing filling. 

Shortbread: The classic vanilla cookie that all the girl scout cookies are based around. 

What do students think about selling them in school?

A survey of the students in Canyon Vista revealed that many students love these cookies, and don’t see a problem with selling them. In fact, they say that these cookies should be easier to access. What do you think? Some of the responses we got were…

  • Honestly, I don’t think it serves as much of a problem. Kids are learning business/marketing skills, and money is being raised for a good organization. I understand that eating them to excess during class can be problematic, but the selling itself isn’t a huge problem.
  • I think it’s a good way to sell them and that its kind of dumb that were not allowed to sell them during school. 
  • I like selling them in school because I can have them whenever I want.
  • They should be destroyed. Do they have a permit to sell them during school hours?
  • Very good, though people should be more secure about keeping the cookies safe, because I heard that people easily steal them
  • I think it’s okay for Girl Scouts to sell in schools because it’s a good opportunity for them to practice their “selling skills” as well as seeing how hard it is for their parents to make money on a day to day basis.
  • More people should be selling them! I have to hunt for them!
  • I am a girl scout so I definitely support it.  
  • We should have a designated time and place for selling them
  • I LOVE IT!!! I wait for girl scout season every year. It’s amazing.
  • It’s stupid how we’re not letting them be sold. For some of us, school is the only place we can get them.
  • I feel like CVMS is not an ideal location to sell and distribute girl scout cookies. I mean like people who aren’t even girl scouts are selling. It is simply going to cause some friction with people around the school. There have been cases of kids reselling girl scout cookies for higher prices, not really the intention of girl scout cookies is it? Along with that, the girl scout cookies aren’t even supposed to be resold. Bluntly, Girl scout cookies=bad.

Students have a variety of thoughts when it comes to girl scout cookies, but we can all agree that for the most part that they are a part of our childhoods. Whatever you think about this craze in schools, girl scouts are just trying to sell some cookies, if you are buying these this season, what flavor are you buying?