5 things to keep your heart healthy


It’s almost here, one of the most commercialized, beloved, and romantic holidays of the year. Valentines Day! Of course, there is time to indulge in the chocolates and treats of this holiday but it also brings up another talking point. Heart health. Taking care of your heart is crucial for a long and happy life. Here are some ways to take charge and keep yourself healthy. 

Check ups

It’s always good to get a yearly check up and check your glucose, cholesterol, and blood pressure to make sure you don’t need any medications or such to keep levels at a regular. 

Get Movin’

Exercising is a huge part of maintaining anything health related. Keeping your heart moving, pumping blood, and increasing heart strength like any other muscle is crucial to maintaining a long healthy life. 

Keep an eye on cholesterol

To keep your cholesterol at a normal level some things you can do are to minimize high saturated fat intake and increasing heart healthy foods such as tomatoes, walnuts, things with multi-grains or whole products. 

Water, Water, Water

Water is another key thing to stay in tip top shape. Staying hydrated will keep your system constantly letting go of toxins and other bad things that may enter your body. It will also reduce headaches, fatigue, dizziness, and other viral symptoms as well. 

Reward yourself without using food 

Giving yourself rewards and things to look forward to is great but if food is your way of doing that it can be as bad for you mentally as it may be physically. If you are on a great roll and finally getting used to the new lifestyle you’ve created for yourself and then say “I’m doing so well I’m going to have my favorite Italian pasta tonight” that will create a habit. Your mindset will change to viewing foods as good foods and bad foods but that is not the case. There are no good or bad foods. Food is meant to be indulgent and you should treat yourself to more irregular foods once in a while. But do it because you can or you want to because you want to enjoy life and the food in it. Not because it’s a cheat day and you can finally eat the bad or “weight gaining foods.”

Keeping your heart healthy is so important in order to keep the rest of your body healthy. Take these tips and go enjoy your life with these things in mind.